Marvin Aloys & Black Prez Collide for Nostalgic ‘Back to the Basics’

Tyrol – Munich meets LA – Berlin for Nostalgic House Dance Floor Filler ‘Back to the Basics’ by Marvin Aloys & Black Prez

As CEO & Co-Founder at UFO Network, I am personally excited to announce the return of House heavyweight Marvin Aloys, Resident DJ and Creative Director of Pacha Austria and no stranger to the scene, and the Debut of legendary Rapper, Singer & Songwriter Black Prez to UFO Recordz.


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‘Back to the Basics’ has become an all time favorite here at UFO and the team have had it on repeat since launch last Friday! The fusion of Marvin Aloys & Black Prez on this release is what can only be described as ‘perfectly artistic synchronization’ and we are glad to be showcasing this production!

Marvin Aloys and Black Prez combine the best of both worlds. What do the two talents have in common? The love of music. Marvin Aloys, born in Tyrol and living in Munich, has been stirring up the international house scene for years. As a DJ, producer and organizer, he performs in trendy locations around the world – sometimes in the Alps, sometimes in Malta, or the UK.

With support from major DSP’s and an outstanding list of editorials including Housewerk, House is a Feeling and House Supreme on his previous hit single, ‘Spiritual Thing’ featuring PvssyCat & Roland Clark, Marvin Aloys has secured and built an impressive name and foundation for himself in the music industry and is fast rising to become a name recognized by all around the globe.

Marvin Aloys x Black Prez Press Image 3 | UFO Network

With an impressive 25 Million streams on Spotify alone and an array of previous successes, Black Prez, who commutes between LA and Berlin and has performed at shows with Wiz Khalifa, G-Unit and Big Sean to name a few, is a true all-rounder – rapper, singer, songwriter and actor that is paving the way and quickly becoming a household name globally. Black Prez brings the old school and delivers the tantalizing release of ‘Back to the Basics’ alongside Marvin Aloys.

Marvin Aloys x Black Prez Press Image 1 | UFO Network

A rousing house beat by Marvin Aloys and atmospheric vocals by Black Prez make “Back to the Basics” a musical blueprint for modern genre breaks and Out Of The Box Thinking. With their new hit, the two all-rounders prove that rap also works on house – without compromise. The soundtrack for the next party, the background music for long nights, “Back to the Basics” promises catchy tunes and a hit guarantee!


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Marvin Aloys & Black Prez - Back To The Basics

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