DJ Boring Drops a Remix for Jack Herer’s ‘Winding Together’

DJ Boring Drops a Remix for Jack Herer's 'Winding Together'


Following on from DjRUM and Shy One’s reworks, DJ Boring is the third and final heavyweight to put his spin on a Jack Herer single with the release of his Winding Together remix.

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Winding Together is part of the enigmatic new artist, Jack Herer’s unreleased album, which is set to release next month on Decca Records. His identity remains anonymous, however, the remix package has helped join the dots of his narrative over the last few weeks.

DjRUM and Shy One have already played the role of remixer, earning props from  Asquith, India Jordan, Effy, Sally C, Elliot Adamson, Jaguar and more along the way. Both artists highlighted unique co-ordinations on their social media that could be entered onto to uncover details of  his story, and DJ Boring will be doing the same.

Known for his high energy sets and unique lo-fi house style, DJ Boring is one of the most prolific producers in the dance world. His performances have taken him all over the world, gracing sets in his home country, Australia, as well as  Lost Village, Junction 2 and Boiler Room, to name a few.

Putting his sound onto Winding Together, DJ Boring spins the classical single into a glistening house gem.  Featuring additions of transformative breakbeat elements and melodic drum pad structures, just a slither of Winding Together remains in comparison to the original. With just a few weeks to go before the initial single, and the full album drops, the project and it’s accompanying remixes are not to be missed.

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Jack Herer– Winding Together (DJ Boring remix) is out now!

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