Exclusive Interview with CEO of Heavyweight Record Label Libertas

UFO Network have had the immense pleasure of chatting with Libertas CEO & Founder Cyriel on a number of topics and we highly recommend the label for both upcoming acts and established artists!

Check out how our conversation went down below and follow Libertas on social media platforms for the latest in new music and news by the label!

Hey Cyriel! We would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at UFO Network. Please give us an introduction to both yourself and to your record label Libertas. Tell us a little bit of what you guys do!

Hi Jacques! First of all: Thanks for having us! We are a relatively young group of producers. Young does not mean there is no experience. We have some ‘producing veterans’ in our midst, with lots of experience. We try to give new talent a chance by adding them to our community which provides them feedback, tips and tricks (and of course their secrets). Besides that, we guide them through the releasing process. There is a lot of energy and together we are creating awesome tracks! About myself: I’m just the lucky guy who has created the label.

Bass, Beat, Snare & Repeat! We love what you guys are putting out! Founded in 2020, how did you guys band together and form Libertas? What was your motivation?

When we started Libertas, there was just the music and the love for producing that brought us together. There was an immediate click! First to join was Madman J, shortly followed by Despawn and STX. With the experience of these guys we launched at rocket speed! Never have set-up a business so quick and easy! And we keep growing. We were very pleased to have Danny V recently join our label, who has released his ethereal track ‘The Relic’! 

Listen to Danny V – ‘The Relic’ on Spotify

The slogan ‘Bass, Beat, Snare & Repeat!’ has a specific focus on the ‘Repeat’. We believe that producing is not about that one banger, but a repeating learning process. So we take our time to learn and get better.

What music genres do Libertas favor and what tips and tricks can you suggest to artists, DJ’s & Producers when submitting demos to your label? Where can Artists, DJ’s & Producers submit their demos?

We started off with Progressive House, Organic House and Deep House. But then some new talented producers joined us from Portugal, and brought Techno into our repertoire. So we expanded our repertoire a bit, and there is no saying that a new talent would not force us to expand again 😉 Although the focus will be on Progressive/Organic/Deep House.

When submitting the demo’s, we would suggest they listen to some of our releases over on SOUNDCLOUD and see if there is a fit somewhere. Having said that, we know it’s hard to get attention from labels, so we would be the last to say that you shouldn’t just give it a try and see what happens… They can send it to contact@libertas-records.com

Do you at Libertas have any strategies and formulas for your releases that guarantee a great outcome for Artists, DJ’s & Producers and how do you go about your release strategy from start to finish?

We have noticed that producers’ personal goals are different, so we try to tailor the outcome to the producers needs. In the creative phase we offer multiple feedback sessions together with other producers. We are tightly involved in the mixing and mastering process to ensure the highest quality. And we decide together what release strategy fits best. Basically we help the artist with everything. From choosing the artwork, till setting-up their socials.

With online businesses becoming an ever growing industry today and with so many competitors in the music industry, how does Libertas stand out from the crowd?

I think we managed to create our own sound in a relatively short period. People recognize this sound already. Beside that: for producers we have a far better deal than other labels. We are not in it for the money, but purely for our love for music. We want to share that love by releasing fantastic music!

Our scouts are always looking for new music that hits that sweet spot here at UFO Network. Give us some of your best releases to date! What tracks would you recommend to our fans?

Phew! There are so many great tracks! May I leave this choice to your personal taste? 

In October you’re dropping the much anticipated ’Ancients’ (Libere Remix) and we can’t wait! Tell us a little bit more about this release and what fans can expect.

The original track from Madman J really struck me when I heard it. It has so many layers and elements in it, and had that deep ancients vibes and sounds! So I was honored when I was able to create a remix out of this gem. I tried to give it some more melancholic vibe together with my own sound without losing the mystical feel of the track. I hope the fans appreciate it too.

Listen to this banger on Soundcloud


Give a shout out to your ‘hardest’ working colleague right now at Libertas! Who is putting in all those extra hours of work and deserves ‘Employee of the Month’

We are blessed with members that all add their extra- expertise beside producing. That is what makes this label such a great place to be! If I had to mention someone for this month, it would be Ale de Maio, who has put a lot of work in creating a fantastic video along with his awesome track ‘Drink me’. I also do have to mention our Portuguese techno duo John Alfa and Mag Opusanne! We see them working very hard and we absolutely love their tracks! Definitely artists to keep watching!

Our final question is do you at Libertas drop all your releases online like most modern labels today or do you also physically produce CD’s & Vinyl’s? What is your take as a label with regards to CD’s & Vinyl’s in 2021?

At the moment we release everything online. But as mentioned before- we fit that to our producers needs. Personally I think there is nothing better than putting vinyl on your SL1200, but maybe that’s my age 😉

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