Anabel Englund Shares New Single ‘Midnight Rapture’

Singer-songwriter & DJ Anabel Englund is back with a brand new sultry single, ‘Midnight Rapture’

Following the release of her debut album ‘Messing With Magic’ and its Deluxxe edition, which garnered her four #1 dance music radio singles within the last year. Containing elements of Blondie’s classic ‘Rapture’, Anabel turns up the heat with ‘Midnight Rapture’.

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“So elated to follow up my Deluxxe Album with a single inspired by the icon, Blondie. This is such a fun track and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”  – Anabel Englund

Rapture in its definition means a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. Anabel’s ‘Midnight Rapture’ depicts a late-night rendezvous edging towards euphoria as she sings, “said don’t take me home/take me to a place you’ve never gone/ where we can lose ourselves till dawn” set to a sensuous dancefloor beat alongside the bells and guitar riffs taken from the Blondie original.

“Midnight Rapture” is the first of many exciting new singles to come from Anabel for the remainder of 2021.

Anabel Englund Shares New Single ‘Midnight Rapture’

Singer, songwriter & DJ Anabel Englund’s sound is entrancing in its dichotomy; bright and carefree with her authentic Southern California breeziness. Other times she is irresistibly alluring with her dark, smoldering touch. The 2020 iHeart Music “Dance Artist Of The Year” nominee explores the dynamics of that captivating contrast with her debut album Messing with Magic. The Los Angeles-based artist spent late 2019 and all of 2020 putting out singles from Messing With Magic leading into its formal release in December on MK’s AREA10 label with Ultra Records, with the Messing With Magic Deluxxe album following in 2021.

Beyond four #1 US Dance Airplay singles “Waiting For You” with Yotto, “Underwater” with MK, “So Hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix)” and “Picture Us” (marking her as the first female to score four #1’s in two years), the album highlights a variety of dance floor friendly tracks and heartfelt compositions including singles like “Boogie All Night” with Dombresky, “Warm Disco” with Lee Foss and “See the Sky.”

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Anabel Englund Shares ew single ‘Midnight Rapture’

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