Toby Romeo Shares 3-Track Remix EP for Hit Single ‘Oh Lord’


Rising talent Toby Romeo returns with a remix EP for his latest hit single ‘Oh Lord’ featuring Deve. This time around, the young producer recruited Magnificence, RageMode, and Hayve for stunning, new reinterpretations of the anthemic track. The latest to come directly follows Romeo’s recent remix of Kungs’ single ‘Never Going Home’. Out now via Universal, the 3-track ‘Oh Lord’ remix EP is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

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The EP kicks off with Magnificence’s rework, taking the track into a new sonic atmosphere. The oscillating buildup erupts into an irresistible rhythm, primed to take over the dancefloor with a deep, heavy bass sound. Magnificence takes the original and transforms it with heavily melodic instrumentation and rising tension. The remix is characterized by propulsive energy and shimmering elements as Magnificence’s masterful production takes the original track to a newfound, enthralling ambiance.

Toby Romeo Shares 3-Track Remix EP for Hit Single 'Oh Lord'


Up next, RageMode reimagines ‘Oh Lord’ with raw, hard-hitting intensity. The bouncy and infectious remix puts the vocal to the forefront, before hitting full-force with high-octane bass drops. The new take completely transforms the original track into a driving, explosive masterpiece. The glitchy, big bass take perfectly showcases RageMode’s impressive production prowess.

Hayve’s remix immediately begins with a sped-up vocal and spacious instrumentation. Hayve transforms ‘Oh Lord’ into a futuristic, drum & bass gem. The captivating remix engages listeners from beginning to end with a transmissible rhythm, highlighting the remarkable production style of Hayve. Hayve’s rendition reimagines the track into a completely new hit.

Toby Romeo’s new 3-track ‘Oh Lord’ remix EP is a perfect addition to Romeo’s successful releases this past year. With the help of Magnificence, RageMode, and Hayve, listeners can expect perfectly crafted renditions that exceed all expectations. Fans can also expect a brand new remix of ‘Oh Lord’ from Nicky Romero, slated for release on September 24th.

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Toby Romeo Shares 3-Track Remix EP for Hit Single 'Oh Lord'

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