DES3ETT Builds On Two Contest-Winning Remixes With First Single Release on Armada Music ‘Fill Me In’

There are definitely ways to jump-start your career as a budding producer, but you have to make the opportunities count. That notion hasn’t eluded emerging artist DES3ETT.

The Italian DJ and producer won no less than two remix contests for Armada Music and Armada University (Afrojack’s ‘Switch’ and Autograf’s ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’) and now reaps the benefits, delivering his first single release on Armada Music: ‘Fill Me In’.

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After emerging victorious from the above-mentioned remix contests, DES3ETT amplifies the momentum with another top-drawer studio creation that’s sure to turn a lot of heads. A club-tailored production laced with suave vocals that narrate the story of two young people in love, ‘Fill Me In’ is as recognizable as it is easy on the ear.

The career of Cristian Verdes (a.k.a. DES3ETT) has been riding on the fast lane since he started his endeavour in 2018 with ‘La Rumba’, a track championed by the likes of Afrojack, Bingo Players, Jewelz & Sparks and Mariana Bo. By the end of 2019, his remix résumé includes two official remixes for none other than Afrojack, both of which were released on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings under the Armada Music umbrella.

Add to that his incredible remix of Autograf’s ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’ via Armada Music’s talent platform Armada University as well as live performances at leading clubs such as Papaya (#7), Aquarius (#17), NOA (#41) and Kalypso (#60), and it’s evident that we haven’t seen the last of the Italian talent.

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Cristian Verdes is the man behind the musical project DES3ETT from Trento in Italy. After playing behind the decks for quite some time, he decided to start and express himself by not only DJ-ing but also producing his own party anthems.

In 2018 he released his first single entitled “La Rumba” via the Twoloud ‘s label Playbox which has been supported widely by artists like Afrojack, Bingo Players, Jewelz & Sparks, Mariana Bo and many others. In the same year the DJ released two other singles “Prize” and “Again” which again received great support.

2019 was a big year for DES3ETT as he officially remixed two Afrojack singles, which were both released on the Wall/Armada Music imprint. The first Afrojack “Let It Rip” DES3ETT Remix received massive support by artists like David Guetta, Mike Williams, Tujamo, and of course Afrojack himself. The remix already streamed over 2 million times on Spotify.

The Afrojack “Switch” DES3ETT Remix further highlighted his musical talent in transforming a solid pop track into a real club banger and was also supported and heavily streamed on all platforms. The year 2020 further established their musical profile within the global dance scene with a new release on the famous record label Disco:wax (Sony Music DK) together with the Italian duo Out Of Sound and other forthcoming releases on different imprints.

During the year of the worldwide pandemic DES3ETT has been very active making new music which resulted in various releases and remixes on renowned labels like Zero Cool ( collaboration with MOTi), Smash The House, Polydor UK and Armada UK. Between working in the recording studio, he has been playing around Europe in various top clubs like Papaya (7th in the world), Aquarius (17th in the world), NOA (n.41), Kalypso (n.60) and many more.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Italian talent DES3ETT, you will be in for a musical treat.

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