Kivrak Joins The Ranks of Purple Fly Label With Groovy Vocal House New Release “Chains”

Kivrak Joins The Ranks of Purple Fly Label With Groovy Vocal House New Release "Chains"

Turkish producer Kivrak makes a stunning debut on Purple Fly with his release “Chains,” a driving vocal house gem that is as unique as the label itself.

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Opening with groovy melodies and soulful vocals, the track rides on deep, rolling basslines that add a welcome layer of melancholy complexity.

Just as Purple Fly is breaking ground as the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, Kivrak is an artist making waves in the electronic world; his music has garnered support from the likes of Nicky RomeroArmin van BuurenShowtek, and more, including various radio stations around the globe.

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Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music.

The label’s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap.

Purple Fly releases NFT directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity.

Veteran Turkish producer Kivrak joins Laidback LukeBLVD.Fatman ScoopShaquille O’NealSevenn, and more as part of the Purple Fly family. Keep an eye out for more groundbreaking releases from Purple Fly in the near future!

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