Kevin Holliday Releases New Funky 6-Track EP ‘OMNI’

Breakthrough Brooklyn artist Kevin Holliday solidifies his place as one of the most exciting artists to watch with the release of his highly anticipated 6-track EP OMNI.

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Delivering an eclectic blend of kaleidoscopic-funk, alt-indie and pop, the self-mixed, mastered and co-produced offering exemplifies his natural ability to create a project exquisitely unique to his own sound. OMNI, a prefix meaning “of all things,” is a distinct blending of sonics and textures that enthralls and awakens the senses. Unwilling to conform to any genre-defining boxes, we find the multi-instrumentalist at home in his creation of funky basslines, slick guitar, groovy beats and his undeniable flow.

Each track further attests to the 23-year-old Brooklyn native’s storytelling abilities, giving listeners vivid snapshots of the highs and lows of his life from relationships, family, personal growth and mental health. OMNI consists of fan-favorite singles “Tennis Courts,” “Regrets,” and “Tried My Best,” and is made complete with three new tracks, “Dynamite,” “Runaround” and “Liar!

“OMNI is a coming together of all of my musical influences,” says Holliday. “Growing up in Bed-Stuy, I remember being at cookouts listening to things like Gap Band. I was a sponge when it came to all the music I heard around me. Artists like Prince and Rick James naturally became very formative for my sound. I wanted to create something that felt like my childhood, but was also uniquely me. “Dynamite” is a prime example of OMNI’s purpose in further telling my story.”

OMNI follows the release of his 2019 debut EP Space Cadet, which was championed by media tastemakers and landed him editorial playlisting on Spotify’s Anti-Pop, All New Indie, Alternative R&B and more. With nearly 80k monthly Spotify listeners at the start of July and over 2M organic streams across platforms, Kevin Holliday is positioned for a major break in 2021 as he continues to capture the hearts of music lovers near and far with his one of a kind style and sound.

OMNI Tracklist

1. Regrets

2. Dynamite

3. Tennis Courts

4. Tried My Best (ft. Jackie Moonbather)

5. Runaround

6. Liar!

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Press Accolades

“Nothing is more refreshing than hearing artistic integrity as strong as Holliday’s, making him a clear standout for me in the sea of talent coming out right now.” — Seamus Fay for Lyrical Lemonade

“Independent anti-pop hero Kevin Holliday makes twisty pool party jams, experimenting with various pop fusions steeped in funk sensibilities… Holliday’s writing has a slyness to it: simple images that have populated all our lives.” — Donna-Claire Chesman for Audiomack World

Every Single Time is not just a unique take on R&B, alternative, or however you may choose to describe Kevin Holliday’s one-of-a-kind sound. It is a testament to the music to come, one freed of genre restrictions and limits.” — Ones to Watch

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About Kevin Holliday

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Kevin Holliday is an independent New York-based artist whose musical expression defies genre. His inspirations and influences range from Prince to Solange to Pharrell Williams.

Before the pandemic, Kevin had his devoted fans and friends pouring in from all over the city and from their colleges in the tri-state area to attend his shows in Brooklyn, SoHo, LES, and Queens. Holliday has opened for Rico Nasty and Japanese Breakfast in spring of 2019 where he performed in front of an audience of over 3,000 people.

His target audience shares the same passion for genre-bending, progressive art that sheds old notions of what once defined the pop, rock, and R&B music of past decades that has influenced Kevin’s work.

Holliday confirmed his star potential with his 2019 Space Cadet EP. The project draws inspiration from his infatuation with Hayao Miyazaki to create other-worldly music that touches on themes of magical realism.

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