TAU bosses Adana Twins Reveal Spektrum 3

TAU bosses Adana Twins reveal the third instalment in the label’s Spektrum V/A series, revealing an exclusive one off release magazine and music from likes of Echonomist, Biesmans, and more for the latest 16-track project.

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“Another year has passed, and so it’s time for the latest installment in TAU’s huge compilation series, Spektrum. The Adana Twins have been collecting and curating hot new productions from a variety of sources, new and more established, compiling a V/A that distills that ineffable TAU sound into 16 diverse cuts. A few familiar names are representing alongside some fresh faces, introducing new talent as we do with each Spektrum release. With this special release you’ll receive the Spektrum zine, a printed publication with features on all of the artists who’ve contributed to this release – an extended booklet if you will. We hope you enjoy it, and we’re sure this Spektrum release will keep you rocking, whether you’re at home or on the dance floor… Grab your magazine, start reading and hit the play button for an adventure on Planet TAU.” TAU

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Combining a host of cuts across house, techno, indie-dance, new wave, electro, and beyond from a combination of established and rising talents, ‘Spektrum 3′ offers a rich and diverse musical offering whilst also bringing a unique concept into the electronic landscape.

Welcoming high impact cuts in both original and edit form from label heads Adana Twins, slick new material from TAU family members Biesmans and Echonomist alongside Mehill, DC Salas’ moody cut ‘Solar Walk’, dynamic efforts from Alex Medina Hadiid, Aaaron and Aldebaran, and massive vocal-led productions spanning genres from Cabaret Nocturne, EdOne, and the ‘Wirski 1991 Mix’ of Gloom’s ‘Iskat Tibia’.

Add to the mix emotive tracks from Yubik and Pergola, plus a pair of electro-led cuts from Holger Zilske quadtaschulz, and the depth, range, and quality of the music found across the package is clear to see – showcasing a must-visit project for electronic music lovers.

TAU’s ‘Spektrum 3’ compilation is released as a physical magazine with download on 16th July, with the project dropping via Beatport as a digital release on 30th July 2021.

1. Echonomist & Mehill – Phase
2. Hadiid – Neuro
3. Aaaron – Smile
4. Aldebaran – Colle Stelle
5. Alex Medina – Lobos
6. Pergola – Eterea
7. Cabaret Nocturne – Afterlife ft. Eleonora
8. Biesmans – Space Echoes
9. Adana Twins – Nordlys
10. DC Salas – Solar Walk
11. EdOne – I Ever Was A Breaker
12. Holger Zilske – Manipulation
13. Time Modem – Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens (Adana Twins 2021 Edit)
14. Gloom – Iskat Tibia (Wirski 1991 Mix)
15. Yubik – Walking State
16. quadratschulz – Mobilis In Mobili

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