Exclusive Interview with Breakout British-Asian DJ and producer, Varski

Breakout British-Asian DJ and producer, Varski once again shines bright with his fresh dance sound on ‘Gravity.’ This new single is the second of multi-part deal with New State Music comes amidst a 20-date 2021 UK tour.

Cutting his teeth as the host of Club MTV’s Dance Show and festival series, and playing at some of the world’s biggest events, Varski is the ultimate party showman. We caught up with Varski to talk about his new sound as heard on ‘Gravity’, his thoughts on being one of very few British Asians in house music, and three fascinating unknown Varski facts …


Hi Varski, welcome to UFO Network. Thanks for speaking with us. Tell us, where are you in the world right now and what’s the view from your window?

First of all, thank you for having me guys, it really means a lot. Currently I am sat at my house in Leicester, UK watching rain fall heavily in my garden (a very British summer).

Congrats on the release of your new single ‘Gravity’ on New State. We read it was inspired by pool parties in Ibiza. Tell us about that.

Yeah, so Gravity was definitely inspired by my various times in Ibiza. When making the track I pictured myself sipping a cold drink at Ocean Beach Bar with Wayne Lineker and vibing to the DJ and violinist play some really cool house music. Gravity really takes me back there.

Listen to ‘Gravity’ on Spotify

Your latest releases, including the previously released ‘Over You’, differ in style from your previous singles such as on the more bass heavy ‘Jeddah’ on Macky Gee’s label. Talk us through your new direction in sound and how you landed there.

I think the shutdown of life as we knew it affected everyone. For me, taking the time off allowed me to reflect on myself and my music. I think the music I was making prior to lockdown wasn’t a true reflection of myself.

The past 500-odd days allowed me to do some serious soul searching and I really am in a happy place, not just with my music but in my personal life as well.

I am just going to focus on putting out positive messages from now on with my music and I hope it does that.

Exclusive Interview with Breakout British-Asian DJ and producer, Varski

How was lockdown for you? What were the highs and lows?

Lockdown was in every sense of the word, a rollercoaster of emotions. I don’t need to explain how difficult it was not earning a penny and having to keep a roof over my head. It really tested my resolve. Also on a mental level, as someone who battles depression every day, I lost the battles more days than I won. But I’m so grateful for life. My personal life is and was beautiful, and it really gave me strength to keep pushing and staying strong for my family and myself.

Listen to ‘Over You’ on Spotify

We couldn’t interview you without asking about your time presenting the Dance Show on Club MTV. What were the highlights of that job?

I was the host of the Club MTV brand for many years, I’m so grateful for all the opportunities they gave me. I got to travel the world with them as well as open the MTV EMA’s in my birth town of Wembley, London.

I can’t ever forget the faith they showed in me especially when asking me to host the Dance Show and all their festivals and events.

Who was your favorite artist to interview and why?

This is easy – Luciano. We were invited to his house in Ibiza just before his headline show at Es Paradis. His house was custom built in the mountains of Ibiza and was BEAUTIFUL! I still want a house like that one day.

You’ve DJ ’ed at some of the biggest events in the world including Ultra Europe, Creamfields and at Saudi Arabia’s first ever mixed gender festival, Jeddah. Where do you wish you go back to right now and why?

It’s very tough to pinpoint one place as I’d love to back to them all. But if I have to give you one, performing at the first ever mixed gender show in Saudi Arabia was an honour. You don’t really get to hear much about life in SA in the UK, but I fell in love with the country and the people. I’d love to go back there one day.

VARSKI – Live Mix

Speaking of gigs, you have a huge tour coming up. Where are you most looking forward to playing and why?

Again, all of them. I can’t really say one place over the other because I love playing everywhere. It’s what life has blessed me with, and I am looking forward to giving it my all at every show.

What does a Varski DJ set sound like?

I have always taken pride in my live DJ sets. I believe my sets are a conversation between me and the crowd. I love to take people on a journey of emotions and to help them forget about any problems they may have at home. It’s all about spreading love. You can definitely expect to hear some thumping house beats, popular vocals, as well as feel good piano riffs thrown in for good measure.

You are one of very few British Asian artists producing house music. Why do you think that is? Are you hoping to use your profile to encourage others to follow suit?

I can’t really tell you why I’m one of the very few Asian artists in my scene. I would love this to change though. Even if I could reach out to one person feeling like they can’t achieve their dreams because of prejudice or something along those lines, I would be over the moon.

Exclusive Interview with Breakout British-Asian DJ and producer, Varski

Tell us three unknown facts about Varski:

I have a degree in Politics.

I am a qualified primary school teacher.

I collect and trade Wrestling figures.

And the top 3 tunes you currently have on repeat:

Jax Jones – You Broke My Heart Again

BURNS – Talamanca

Fisher – Just Feels Tight

Thanks so much Varski and good luck with the tour!

Love you x

‘Gravity’ by Varski is out now on New State Music 

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Exclusive Interview with Breakout British-Asian DJ and producer, Varski

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