Synymata Teams Up With Zack Gray On His New Single “Hard Not To Let You Go”

Synymata Teams Up With Zack Gray On His New Single "Hard Not To Let You Go"

Synymata is teaming up with revered singer Zack Gray on his sophomore single for SLANDER’s Heaven Sent, “Hard Not To Let You Go.”

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The Winsconsin-based producer Synymata is coming off of the biggest release of his career after teaming up with dance music titans SLANDER and neverwaves on their “When I’m With You” collab from the former’s ever-growing imprint.

He’s now ready to build on that momentum as he returns for his second appearance, this time up with singer and DJ/producer Zack Gray.

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On “Hard Not To Let You Go,” they explore the apprehensive state of reaching the end of a relationship and trying to find the strength to actually sever the ties. It’s an emotionally-charged creation driven by somber guitar melodies, rock-leaning influences, swelling synths and a compelling vocal lead oozing with relatable feelings.

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