PJ Wassermann Drops I Am One EP

PJ Wassermann Drops I Am One EP

PJ Wassermann is a Swiss-born composer, performer and producer, living partly in Switzerland and partly on the island of Ibiza. He’s been into electronic music for more than 40 years but he also loves to sing and to play guitar. You can book him to play live.

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In the last five years PJ Wassermann has concentrated on playing live his psychedelic chillout music (psyChill / psybient). The live repertoire mostly comes from his album „Space Drone Salad“, released in 2014. All these songs have changed a lot from the original album versions to the current live versions.

The new live versions are now being released as a string of singles for the streaming audience and for download on Bandcamp.

Pj Wassermann Drops I Am One Ep

Listen to PJ’s interpretation of the fully legal LSD trip that an American housewife took in the 50s. Amazing stuff! This track originally appeared on the Space Drone Salad album (2014) and was adapted in different versions for PJ’s live shows. The new release incorporates live guitar that was recorded on stage.

The EP contains two tracks:
– I Am One (Live Guitar Mix)
– I Am One (Ambient Mix)

Out now: I Am One (Live Guitar Mix) EP


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Pj Wassermann Drops I Am One Ep

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