J Matin Serves Up A New Compelling House EP ‘High On You’

J Matin Serves Up A New Compelling House EP 'High On You' On Friends Through Tech

Friends Through Tech is a regular in the Beatport Top 100, and now label boss J Matin serves up another compelling house EP.

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When not running this well-regarded label, UK artist J Matin releases on influential outlets like Flashmob and New York’s legendary Nervous Records, amongst many others. All of this has led to him having regular, high-profile support on BBC Radio and Kiss FM, and gigs everywhere from Ministry of Sound to Egg London. Despite starting the label when still just a local hometown DJ, Friends Through Tech is now well established with new school house fans.

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J Matin opens this latest missive with the rock-solid house pumper that is ‘High On You.’ The kicks are as solid as the vocal is emotional, while a taught baseline and razor-sharp hi-hats ensure this one will work in sweaty basements and vast warehouses alike.

The muscular house sounds continue on ‘Splinter,’ with its dramatic drum fills and churning kicks. Glitchy effects, chopped-up vocals and a shadowy atmosphere all pervade this most monstrous of mid-tempo bangers.

Closing down this high-impact EP is ‘Lockdown’, another track designed to get bodies moving with its low-slung drums and bass, jittery percussion and freaky vocal stabs. This is robust house music for those who like it real and raw.

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