Mr. Blase Teams Up With Boskasie, and Aaaron For New Track “Anangu Moon”

Making his debut on Shimza’s imprint, Kunye, Mr. Blasé came forward with an essential release for all Afro tech and Melodic House music lovers that features the sultry vocals of South African singer, Boskasie and a remix by none other than Berlin-based wonder producer and Innervisions artist, Aaaron.

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Mr. Blasé had this to say about the release, “The song came about when I created the instrumental after being inspired by a documentary on the original people of Australia, the Anangu. After hearing the beat, my long-time co-creator, Boskasie, came up with the lyrics.

Her lyrics questions the motives of colonialists, who, when arriving on newfoundland, would strip indigenous people of their rights, leaving destruction and bloodshed in their wake. Just like many songs coming out of Africa, and especially South Africa, Anangu Moon is full of history and past pain, but whilst the meaning may be sad, the song is still portrayed in a dance-friendly way… this is how we heal and move forward.”

Setting things off, Mr. Blasé’s title track of the EP, ‘Anangu Moon’ delivers a rich and harmonically elegant masterpiece, encapsulated by arpeggiated synth work, lush and emotive pads and catchy vocal melody that Boskasie so eloquently delivers.

Peak time drops and hands in the air motifs are the name of the game in this original, with analog sounding shakers, floor melting kick drums and a crescendo that writes its own history, leaving the listener in awe at the proliferation of Mr. Blasé’s creation.

Mr. Blasé Teams Up With Boskasie, and Aaaron For New Track "Anangu Moon"

Changing things up, Aaaron’s take on the original reminds the listener of an eighties’s synthwave classic with pitch bent arpeggio’s, retro analogue drum samples and a stripped down version of, ‘Anangu Moon’.

Tension building breakdowns and a solid as a rock drop, Aaaron’s skill in the studio is evident throughout this breathtaking remix, with haunting chord progressions and a muted percussion line that is felt more than heard, which goes to show an amazing track sometimes requires you to use less in order to truly guide the listener to your true intentions.

Closing off the EP is Mr. Blasé’s attitude aDJuster for the release. ‘Sagrado’. Big beats, a brooding bass line and soaring pads carry this song from beginning to end, with a persistent synth line, sonically attractive shakers and a melancholic breakdown, rolling all the way to the finish line with style and a sense of depth that Mr. Blasé abbreviates so well.

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