NUZB Returns On STMPD RCRDS With New EP “Stay By Me & Hot Sauce”

NUZB Returns On STMPD RCRDS With New EP "Stay By Me & Hot Sauce"

NUZB is back on STMPD RCRDS with not one, but two brand new bangers combined in an EP: ‘Stay By Me’ and ‘Hot Sauce’.

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‘Stay By Me’ is one of the first tracks he created in 2021 and holds a special place in his heart.The track has a bright, eighties sounding vibe to it. ‘Hot Sauce’ on the other hand is the very opposite and includes darker sounds with ambiance feelings that will elevate your mind into an introspective trip.

Nuzb 2 | Ufo Network

NUZB says: “I listened to my favorite album ever, “Discovery” by Daft Punk, one week before I got the first idea of ‘Stay By Me’. The resampling is very important in my style and I incorporated this vibe to make a unique combination between dance music, 80’s pop culture, future house, and EDM. For ‘Hot Sauce’ I tried to bring back the progressive feel that I used to have on my songs before 2020. It starts with a music box, we involved some of Martin Garrix’s influences here, and the drop delivers an unexpected introspective Reese bass which conducts the dystopic-future I had in mind making that one.”

NUZB aims to deliver new and never-before-seen tracks, claiming this decade is the beginning of his Future. RetroFuture.

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