Rain Man Teams Up With Pete Cho On His New Single “Over It”

Chart-topping dance DJ and music producer Rain Man has collaborated with artist Pete Cho and vocalist Rebecca Brunner on his newest single “Over It,” due out July 9, 2021.

“Over It” comes after Rain Man’s notable return to the spotlight with his single, “Still Young” released earlier this year. The dance music artist collaborated with colleague Pete Cho and vocalist Rebecca Brunner to bring the latest single to life.

“It’s time for me to share all of the music I’ve been working on,” Rain Man said in a recent interview with EDM.com. “I’m not just a DJ, a music producer, a guitarist, or a songwriter… I’m a musician and I’m going to get all of this art that I’ve been creating out into the world. The times of sitting on finished records that I love and want to share with people is over.”

“Over It” is a reflection on defeating a difficult period in life and a celebration of getting past a challenging year that many people have experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rain Man is a chart-topping music producer and DJ, renowned for his contributions to modern electronic music.

In 2013, he reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Album chart as Krewella’s core producer with the album Get Wet. The producer was also responsible for the former trio’s soundtrack “Alive,” reaching Top 40 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. His infectious beats are complimented nicely by Pete’s signature sound, and listeners will enjoy Rebecca’s masterful vocals.

The track is sure to be a summertime anthem for fans of dance and EDM.

About Rain Man

Originally from Chicago, he cut his teeth in electronic music production and DJ culture as one of the founding members of the international dance music trio Krewella. As the group’s core producer and one of its key songwriters, the DJ skyrocketed within the electronic music circuit in a matter of years behind the strength of the band’s Play Hard EP (June 2012) and subsequent Play Harder Remix EP (December 2012). Their debut studio album, Get Wet (September 2013), reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

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Rain Man was also responsible for Krewella’s Top 40 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts with “Alive,” an anthemic classic forever burned into the electronic music history books. It was on “Alive” where he discovered and perfected his carefully crafted blend of bass-heavy beats and pop songwriting appeal underlined with a raw fervor for the fast and furious.

In 2016, Rain Man released the beautifully melodic “Bring Back The Summer” with singer/songwriter OLY. The infectious single received massive acclaim, reaching #5 on the US Dance/Electronic charts and garnering over 100 million streams worldwide.

About Pete Cho

The leap from Korean barbecue to music might not seem an obvious one, but for PETE CHO it was the only logical move. No stranger to the music industry, Pete spent years as a DJ touring the US, enthralling crowds on stages from Lollapalooza to North Coast Music Festival before leaving it all in 2012 and heading back home to the suburbs of Chicago to care for his ill father.

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Pete opened his successful Korean barbecue restaurant in the city, named one of the “Best New Restaurants” by Chicago Magazine however the itch to get back into music persisted – intensifying with the recollection of words of support from his father: “Before my dad passed away he said after two years of running a restaurant, if I find passion in music again, sell the business and get back into it. He told me he was proud either way. Strangely, everything is following that path.” Cho has gone all in, selling his restaurant to make music full time.

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