Birthdayy Partyy Unveils Catchy Brand New Single “Supercharged”

On the heels of their debut Dim Mak release “Rock Wit It” with PEACE MAKER!, Chicago-based upstart Birthdayy Partyy return with their brand new single “Supercharged.” A dynamic bass house feat, “Supercharged” is available across all platforms on Friday, July 9.

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On the heels of their debut Dim Mak release “Rock Wit It” with PEACE MAKER!, Chicago-based upstart Birthdayy Partyy return with their brand new single “Supercharged.” A dynamic bass house feat, “Supercharged” is available across all platforms on Friday, July 9.

Distinguished DJs, producers, and tastemakers, Birthdayy Partyy is twin brothers Bryan and Jon Gorecki. The multi-hyphenate pair make intoxicating bass house music for the masses. Inspired by a world reopening after years long shutdown, “Supercharged” was born out of deep self-reflection and mass motivation. In their own words, Birthdayy Partyy describe it as such:

“This track is definitely our most significant release to date for a lot of reasons. We called it ‘Supercharged’ because ever since the start of 2021, we’ve felt this energy that motivated the sh*t out of us. Shows are getting ready to start again. We spent the last year refining and perfecting our sound, and we finally started to build the dream team around our project. It really feels like we’re leveling up in all the ways we needed to.”

A vivacious blend of technical production prowess and nuanced bass house flair, “Supercharged” is the funky intersection of infectious bass and disco. Catchy vocal chops laid atop a punchy kick set the stage of Birthdayy Partyy’s latest, as the brotherly duo work their way into a frenetic release of electrifying bass house. Sonically combining the best elements of dance-floor ready disco and festival laced bass house, Birthdayy Partyy create the ultimate dance weapon for a world in return.

“‘Supercharged’ was actually started a long time ago. Our die hard fans will recognize the drop from early versions we had been rinsing out since EDC 2019, but we definitely polished it up to where it is now. It all started with this outboard analog synth that Jon had, and one day we whipped up a wild sound bite of us holding out a note and just messing with different knobs. All of a sudden the patch just clicked and we were like OOF that’s a bass. The bassline fell together from some of the best cuts and a couple accent basses repurposed from other tracks of ours. Then we wrote a soulful, funky intro to match our house and disco influences and BAM. In the end we got a high energy banger that really represents us, and this one is going to be a heavy hitter in our sets for a long time to come. This is what Birthdayy Partyy sounds like.” – Birthdayy Partyy

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About Birthdayy Partyy:
Growing up on the not-so-bashful sounds of A Day to Remember, All Time Low, and Forever The Sickest Kids, it’s no surprise that twin brothers Bryan and Jon Gorecki, hailing from Chicago, embraced the party spirit when they started Birthdayy Partyy in 2018.

Embodying the forward-thinking vision of bass house pioneers Jauz and Habstrakt with the influence of legends Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead, and Daft Punk has helped to shape their sound into a unique mixture of genres with quality and innovation at its core. The values of hard work and character instilled in them by their parents, as well as the love of music they gained from formative teachers, helped them to always keep their love of music alive.

After making their debut at EDC 2018 following a championship submission to the Corona Electric Beach discovery contest, they made their hometown debut at Spring Awakening 2018 where they got to play for thousands of reverent fans on a massive stage. The love from their city has motivated them more than anything else. From their originals to their remixes, including official ones for Autograf, Odd Mob, Dr. Ozi and LUZCID, BIRTHDAYY PARTYY gives listeners something exciting each and every time. Welcome to the Partyy!

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