Bigcitybeats Launches First Orbital Cooking Event “Bigcitybeats Space Club Kitchen”

BigCityBeats CEO Bernd Breiter Announces First Orbital Cooking Event: “Bigcitybeats Space Club Kitchen.”

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ESA Astronaut Matthias Maurer to prepare a dish on the international space station together with chefs on earth. Star violonist David Garrett, the frankfurt radio symphony and TV Chef Tim Malzer accompany the Bigcitybeats’ Club Kitchen. 1 Billion meals from outer space: Bernd Breiter announces intentions to set up foundation.

‘Entertainment meets Space’: With this vision BigCityBeats CEO Bernd Breiter, in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), succeeded in being the first to create an event concept that at the time was unique to the world. Thanks to the incredible ideas and actions that have evolved from the genius mind of Bernd Breiter, in 2019 entertainment and science merged together when ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano became the first ever DJ in space, performing live on the International Space Station– a genuine milestone in the illustrious history of Club Culture and electronic music.

But then came the pandemic and with it, almost the complete closure of our beloved event industry. For one and a half years, the world ground to a standstill, scarred by social distancing and the prohibition of the thing we cherish most dear, coming together as one at events and gatherings.

How can you reunite people? This conundrum inspired Bernd Breiter to pursue the nucleus of another of his innovative genius ideas: Imagine the whole world cooking a dish, with millions of people all “sitting sharing at one table”. But to unite something within is often more difficult than to unite from outside. And what is the only neutral place that could connect the people of Earth? Outer Space!

BigCityBeats is again travelling into orbit and beyond with a unique event concept.

And so once again the pioneering Frankfurt-based entertainment brand will take off into orbit. This time BigCityBeats Club Kitchen will take its place in outer space. During his ‘Cosmic Kiss space mission, ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer will combine two universal languages – music and food – on the ISS, alongside an earth-based Bernd Breiter.

Matthias Maurer starts as the seventeenth European and fourth German astronaut for the International Space Station ISS. He will live and work in orbit for six months. Maurer, who stood at the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Space Edition in front of 50,000 guests on the Main Stage in the Frankfurt Arena alongside Bernd Breiter in 2019, is incredibly enthusiastic about the continuation and expansion of the co-operation: “I’m really happy that we are continuing with the BigCityBeats co-operation, together we can reach both the hearts and senses of everyone, and create an excitement about ESA topics. Music and cuisine are true universal languages.”

The BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen will be the first international, global and orbital event connecting kitchens and restaurants as well as the world of entertainment, music, politics and sports around the world with the International Space Station ISS. Matthias Maurer will prepare an orbital dish together alongside the whole world on the ISS. TV star chef Tim Mälzer, who developed the recipe for the unique campaign, acts as the culinary ambassador.

Again, boundaries are little more than road bumps to overcome in order for Bernd Breiter to push his vision of “Entertainment meets Space” into new dimensions: “As a little boy I looked at the stars and dreamed of being an astronaut. As a little boy, I also sat at the piano and imagined performing with a large orchestra. As a big boy, I discovered my love for cooking and learned the importance of culinary art.

As a grown man, I drove along the Frankfurt stadium for years and dreamed of converting it into the largest club in the world. A little more mature, the grown man, only wants one thing: to unite everything and everyone. The days long in my past and today are a miracle, a gift and a true privilege for me, because I have been able to turn many of my childhood dreams into reality. For this I would like to give thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity and who are involved. For us all to ‘Be United’ in times like these, that’s more important than ever.”

Space Track Symphony – The soundtrack for the flagship event – Produced by Bernd Breiter together with David Garrett and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony orchestra.

To fuse, meld and unify entertainment & science together with a sensational, global event such as BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen, it’s only natural to seek the perfect soundtrack. And so Bernd Breiter had the idea of a “Space Table Symphony”, of which he composed together with JD Wood and David Garrett. The Frankfurt Radio Symphony orchestra recorded this epoch shaping, classical work by BigCityBeats founder Bernd Breiter and world famous artist & era defining violinist David Garrett!

HR Orchestra Manager Michael Traub said; “As the Hessischer Rundfunk orchestra, we are delighted to be part of this global yet Hessian project, we are also delighted to be contributing to the ‘Space Table Symphony’ together with David Garrett to create the unifying anthem. We have had a lot of positive experience with crossover projects, in particular with the ‘Tatort’ soundtrack for the Music Discovery Project – as far as I know, we haven’t been to space yet. But our orchestra loves to cross borders and wishes to connect our music with everyone.”

For the “Space Table Symphony” there is an elaborate video shoot on board an Antonov, the huge Russian transport plane, in front of the impressive backdrop of the runway at Frankfurt Airport.

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 1 Billion Meals from Outer Space – Bernd Breiter Plans Foundation

With the announcement of the “BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen”, the first club kitchen in space, Bernd Breiter is also planning to set up a foundation: 1 Billion Meals from Outer Space. Because what happens to the people who can’t afford the ingredients for a single meal? The foundation proposed by Bernd Breiter aims to set itself the goal of generating money via donations for a billion meals in order to ensure that everybody is given the opportunity to be fed for at least one day.

Bernd Breiter explains: “We are currently in talks with political leaders, and leading names in the entertainment and science industry in order to set up a 100 percent transparent organization. Inspired by the Bob Geldof Band Aid movement of the 80s but adapted to the current social media era, it’s essential that these aspects are combined to enhance their social power.”

The BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt will be the kick-off for the intergalactic cooking event.

The BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park will be the catalyst for the world’s largest international and orbital music and cooking event. David Garrett will become a space ambassador for classical music. Cui Jian, the pioneering “father” of Chinese rock music, who previously performed in front of a global audience at the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, becomes the ambassador for rock music.

From September 3-5, 2021, Deutsche Bank Park will become the “biggest club in the world”. The biggest DJ in the world and DJ Mag Top 100, No1 DJ David Guetta, has just confirmed his participation in this year’s BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME set to take place in September.

At the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Las Vegas Edition, which will take place in the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt at the beginning of September, Bernd Breiter said: “We currently see no reason not to allow the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME to take place in September. The incidence figures are still falling. In some regions we already have an incidence of zero. And the number of completely vaccinated people continues to steadily increase. It is time for us to return to the normality of our shared cultural experience. We want to help contribute to this.”

As an organizer BigCityBeats still attaches great importance to the health of our visitors. BigCityBeats has therefore commissioned leading experts in the field of hygiene and infection protection to create a comprehensive hygiene and infection safety concept for the entirety of the festival. It stipulates that both visitors and employees are only allowed to enter the festival area if they can show a negative Covid-19 test, have demonstrably recovered or have been fully vaccinated.

In addition, BigCityBeats has entered into a cooperation with a leading provider of PCR gargle tests Ingenium Labs GmbH. “With this incredibly precise and professional team, we will ensure that WORLD CLUB DOME can be carried out safely for all visitors and for all employees. This is a considerable effort for us all, but we will not shy away from it,” explains Bernd Breiter.

Bernd Breiter also calls on politicians to actively participate in the normalization process and to enter into constructive dialogue with organizers. This is the only way to actively shape and face head on, the challenges of returning to normal together.

The “BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen” is not the first collaborative project between BigCityBeats and ESA. Three years ago, the foundation that created the ongoing collaboration was cemented with the first Zero Gravity Club. True to the motto ‘There is always a little more possible’, club history was written on the ISS in 2019 with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano, who became the first “DJ” in space. Another milestone following the interweaving of uplifting emotions & entertainment with science, factual topics and serious messages.

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