Aleph Unveils Debut Album “Ego Death” Via Renraku

Aleph Unveils Debut Album "Ego Death" Via Renraku

ALEPH is innovation. A brainstorm of formless creation and non-conformist mantras, the avant-garde musician is prepared to release his magnum opus and debut album EGO DEATH. The 12-track LP comes at the heels of three singles “POLYMER,” “NOISE FLOOR,” and “EGO DEATH” and is slated for release Friday, July 9 via record label and artist accelerator Renraku.

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Despite writing and creating music for the last 12 years of his life, Burlington-based Kai Maynard AKA ALEPH officially entered the music industry landscape in 2016. His ascent to popularity began with a viral track fresh out of university. His current catalog, however, is a formless series of sounds that can’t quite be categorized. Garnering attention from dance music heavyweight Mat Zo, ALEPH’s major label debut “OMEN” was released by none other than MAD ZOO.

In 2020, against the odds of COVID, ALEPH returned to MAD ZOO with a double-sided single “Semblance” and “Inbetween” co-produced alongside former Bristol duo Ekcle. Back in 2021 with his debut album EGO DEATH released via artist incubator and record label Renraku, ALEPH capitalizes on his recent successes and runs wild with sound on his first ever LP. Rooted in the free-flowing nature of pure, untouched sound, ALEPH launched the album rotation with his celebrated lead singles “POLYMER,” “NOISE FLOOR,” and the LP’s title track “EGO DEATH.”

Finally, the amalgamation of these three singles expand and collide into a cutting-edge, avant-garde, 12-track project that will echo through time. EGO DEATH is ALEPH at his most relentless, raw, and authentic. Watch this space. 

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“’Ego Death’ examines the hero’s journey, the death and rebirth of the self, with the psychedelic experience as the narrative mechanism.  It’s also a story about how I was changing as a person, a chronicle of my vision, values, and aspirations as an artist during the time of writing.  I think a final point I’d like to offer up is that regardless of where the story ends, there is always a place beyond it. I’ve always loved to think about the unwritten narratives that follow a story’s conclusion, about what happens with the characters and places after everything is said and done.  I hope that those who take the time to listen to this record will consider that side of things now that this part of my story has ended.” – ALEPH

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