ELYAZ Drops ‘The Place Where We Belong’

ELYAZ Drops 'The Place Where We Belong'

ELYAZ Drops ‘The Place Where We Belong’

The pages of an old book tell the tale of a lost sea dog on a quest to find a faraway emotion. A hidden treasure map and a long-forgotten spyglass will guide him on a journey to rediscover the strength and beauty of a lost love. At the foot of a waterfall, a mysterious woman comes forth with a pyramid in her hands bringing a message held among the memories of an ancient library.

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Gifted music producer, singer and musician ELYAZ (Mauro Elias Morone) has always lent a unique sensibility and feeling to his compositions and arrangements, which all comes from a burning musical passion inside.

Elyaz Drops 'The Place Where We Belong'

He puts everything of himself into his work, taking a global approach to music production. With a delicate touch for Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, he achieves total creative control and freedom, combined with his guitar playing, piano and voice.

Earning high numbers on the most famous music platforms, ELYAZ presents his tracks mainly as a DJ. His projects explore concepts and tell evocative stories, taking the listener to faraway places. With his drive and ambition there are no more boundaries.

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ELYAZ Drops ‘The Place Where We Belong’ is out now!


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Elyaz Drops 'The Place Where We Belong'

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