Jawns Blasts Through With Last Volatile Midtempo Single “Detonator” On Nightmode

JAWNS is rigged to blow with an extremely volatile weapon, “Detonator,” armed as the next single from NIGHTMODE’s fifth season of releases.

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From an outsider’s perspective, it might be tempting to simply toss JAWNS onto a watchlist for newcomers, and then call it day. But that claim would be considered criminal by truth-bearing standards. Beneath the handful of rigorously assembled releases attached to the Richmond-bred producer’s name, lies a neck-turning career stretching back nearly a decade during his tenure as the former duo, Gents & Jawns.

Now fully focused on his solo project, his trajectory is not so much as a ticking timebomb than a series of orchestrated explosions that helped make club music go BOOM. As he continues to set off a new string of dynamic bombs under his new moniker, including his most recent “Enter the World” collab in-cahoots with the like-minded Juelz, the DJ is preparing to plant his label debut on NIGHTMODE.

Doing exactly what the title says on the tin, “Detonator” packs a force beyond that of any pyrotechnics’ wildest dreams. A cloud of doom looms over the intro, as he hovers his finger over the trigger while a cacophony of wailing police sirens, gurgling acid licks, clamoring echoes, and snappy percussion rides a crescendo into the scheduled demolition.

Once the roar of the first blast fills the air, nothing can stop the rollicking modular synth riffs and rapid-fire squelching stabs from blowing the place to smithereens. It’s an incendiary slab of gritty midtempo that will inevitably turn the dancefloor into a veritable firework show whenever JAWNS chooses to light the fuse.

“I’ve been into the concept of NIGHTMODE, and, as a gamer, it feels good to be able to contribute some high-energy shit back to the streaming and gaming communities!”–JAWNS

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JAWNS is a rising pioneer in the club music scene and an influential name in the electronic dance music industry. Coming from a long history of touring with mainstage acts such as Diplo, Flosstradamus, Valentino Khan, and TroyBoi, he has brought his gritty approach to dance music to audiences across the world.

His raw, analog approach to his music and visuals captures the nostalgic era of watching MTV and old skate videos on VHS and combines it with forward thinking sound design to create an audiovisual experience like no other. Since his rebirth, the artist has received support from RL Grime’s label ‘Sable Valley’, Lowly, and NIGHTMODE, and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

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