Wax Motif Unveils His New Late-Night Anthem “Thrills”

Wax Motif is unveiling the next single pulled from his forthcoming album with “Thrills,” an overindulgent house offering featuring a sensational vocal delivery from rising star Jaxon Rose.

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Almost immediately after Wax Motif blessed us with his belter of a collab, “Need You,” alongside the snarling bass house duo Phlegmatic Dogs, the Divided Souls label-boss is back with another glimpse into his highly anticipated debut album. On the latest salvo, he’s switching up the tempo to explore a more low-key lane that still manages to keep the pulse pounding in the same vein as the hectic lifestyle alluded to in the lyrics.

“Thrills” finds him linking up with fellow Aussie Jaxon Rose—singer and guitarist from the L.A-based four-piece psy-rock outfit, Sunrose Band—to chase hedonism in true Hollywood fashion. There’s no shame to be found in Rose’s salacious crooning. Each word falls off of his tongue effortlessly, as he touches on both the highs and lows associated with seeking thrills on the regular.

Wax dives into some bold debauchery of his own, lacing the carefree topline with a smoldering, pupil-dilating groove that accentuates the almost cautionary tale in perfect form.

“The song always gives me that LA Downtown late-night ‘going home from a party’ feel, and at the time, my life felt really transitional like that, lots of partying, meeting new people and going new places,” says Wax Motif. “On the album, it’s one of the tracks that feels like an important piece of my whole story so far and always makes me feel like it’s my first night out clubbing in Hollywood again.”

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As one of the most reliable sources of bass-driven house music, there’s every reason to be exploding with joy each time a new single from his upcoming LP falls into the frame. While he continues to break off new bits from the full package, the Waxgang should find pleasure in the fact that they could potentially hear them in action throughout the rest of the year during the run of shows he has plotted out across North America.

On the Insomniac side, his schedule is stacked with festival appearances including HARD Summer Music Festival, Beyond Wonderland: The Gorge, Holy Ship! Wrecked, and next week’s Day Trip Festival in Los Angeles, which bolsters a star-studded lineup counting names from the likes of John Summit, Diplo, SIDEPIECE, Noizu, Matroda, Dombresky and many more.

Keep your eyes peeled as Wax continues to roll out new show dates along the way, as well as a string of fresh singles from his album. For now, “Thrills” is a potent dose of vocal-fueled house that should be more than enough to hold the bassline junkies over until the Divided Souls chief pulls up with the next fix.

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