DØ CHEF DØ Drops a New Catchy Track “Dancing On My Own”

Danish DØ CHEF DØ releases their second single “Dancing On My Own” from their upcoming EP

Producer and DJ group DØ CHEF DØ publishes an extremely contemporary and energetic track that embraces a skillfully popped EDM universe.

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Dancing On My Own explores a more commercial and popped electronic sound that we’ve seen from the four Danish guys. The track hits a contemporary electronic trend in dance and house, which has proven to be extremely popular with the mainstream listener. Through the lyrics, it is clear how the group is trying to characterize the rising addiction of social media, how people are building false facades on the platforms and how many may want to go against the flow.

“Feel like dancing on my own even though nobody knows, I’ll be wearing what I want tonight” is sung up against the track’s drop and encapsulates the excitement by not thinking about what others think. The drop works incredibly liberating and euphoric.

DØ CHEF DØ points out that “the track embraces a more commercial and popped electronic sound that we have not worked with professionally before. We do this to challenge ourselves and not limit ourselves in the musical universe. We hope to reach an even larger audience and at the same time prove to our existing fans that our sound can be well incorporated in other genres. ”

Dancing On My Own is part of a longer release run at Universal Music and ends in an EP release consisting of four tracks. Dancing On My Own is the EP’s second release and introduces listeners to a new sound from DØ CHEF DØ. In addition, it encapsulates the musical universe that the producer and the DJ group want to experiment with.

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DØ CHEF DØ is a four-man large producer and DJ group from Aarhus, consisting of Andreas, Chris, Jonas and Martin. The group was established at the end of 2015. Since then, DØ CHEF DØ has played multiple gigs in both Denmark and abroad, where they always bring a heavy electronic party. DØ CHEF DØ released their first single “Jungle Terror” at the beginning of ’16.

Subsequently, the group has produced an EP, remixes and several solo numbers, of which these have been released on record companies such as Riotville Records (Denmark), Skink Records (Netherlands), Drop Central (USA) and I AM SO HIGH Recs (England). DØ CHEF DØ has among others played at Distortion Festival, Generator Festival, Smukfest, Gadefest On Tour, and most recently drove across Denmark with their own club tour last autumn.

The group is driven by an enormous energy and passion for the music they jointly create and present to their audience. Their music is expressed in the form of several electronic genres and has received support from radio programs both at home and abroad – including Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1, the Ukrainian DJ Juicy M and Danish radio stations such as DR P3, The Voice and Radio ABC.

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