Jax Jones Drops ‘Crystallise’ The Second Single From His ‘Deep Joy’ EP

Jax Jones Drops ‘Crystallise’ The Second Single From His ‘Deep Joy’ EP

Jax Jones drops ‘Crystallise’, the second single from his ‘Deep Joy’ EP on newly minted label WUGD.

A new project for 2021, newly launched WUGD imprint looks set to welcome an exciting new platform to the electronic landscape – one in which emerging artists, new talents, and diverse, multi-genre creatives can thrive, develop and grow. Having opened the label with his first single ‘Feels’, taken from his forthcoming ‘Deep Joy’ EP, 18th June marks the release of his emotive second single, ‘Crystallise’.

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An instantly anthemic, yet deeply personal production, ‘Crystallise’ offers a second glimpse into Jax’s new direction and motive for making music, with his forthcoming EP set to showcase his most heartfelt and authentic material to date.

“‘Crystallise’ is the second track from my Deep Joy EP and it’s the perfect song to be played at peak time at a festival. I’d also call it a sad banger as it’s equally about the joy of the dancefloor whilst helping me deal with some personal stuff in the lyrics. My wife and I had a miscarriage 18 months ago and it was so difficult. We are fortunate enough to have a beautiful baby girl now, but the fact that one in four pregnancies in the UK result in a miscarriage is not spoken about enough. So to everyone else that has been through something similar – I see you and I feel you, and I’m making a donation to Tommy’s, a UK charity which leads research in complexities surrounding pregnancy.”

“I believe dancing is the perfect antidote to sadness, so that’s why the drop on this song is so crazy. I wanted to make the sickest switch up in a song to help you snap out of the sad times and go crazy on the dancefloor. That’s what deep joy is all about.” – Jax

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Both singles and the EP will drop via Jax’s latest endeavour, WUGD. Created ‘by artists, for artists’, the label launched in partnership with long-time manager Dan Stacey and Polydor Records will showcase the next generation of multi-genre talent and offer its roster full creative control, integrity, and investment.

LGBTQ+ activist and spoken word poet Kai Isaiah Jamal has created the label’s manifesto (watch HERE), while plans are also underway to launch a WUGD bursary scheme and mentorship programme for young creatives. The label are also actively seeking new talent, with artists to get in touch via demos@wugd.co.uk.

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