Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer – DYMND

After the release of her first single ‘All Over’ last December, the 24-year-old DYMND recently released “One Lie” with the participation of Italian singer-songwriter Alessia Labate.

The project started from a difficult personal moment of the boy. The song is about a fantastic relationship but which ultimately turns out to be an illusion. The deep sounds and atmospheres of the song convey nostalgia but also decision, anger and recording. They reflect one of the many aspects of the DYMND project. Featuring the amazing guest voice of Alessia Labate, this nostalgic and motivational track is here to get you through tough times.


1. Tell us about the first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. How did you get started?

 I started making music about four years ago in my room. In 2019 I decided to release my first track, I did a remix for a Chainsmokers song “Kills You Slowly”. I got support from them and other artists of that genre.

2. Tell us about your latest project ‘One Lie’ with Alessia Labate

“One Lie” was born out of a dark period for me. I wrote the first agreements in February of this year and got in touch with Alessia Labate to continue the project. The song is about a dream relationship between two people but that ultimately turns out to be just an illusion. The sounds and lyrics completely immerse the listener in the nostalgic soundscape. What the song tries to convey is also the desire to relive after a moment of pain. Sometimes, one needs to receive affection and (sick) love so much that one is willing to give everything for it, but losing oneself.

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Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer - DYMND

3. Tell us something we wouldn’t normally find out about you?

Lately I was born with a little passion for cooking that I had never discovered before, people who know me would never believe it.

4. What single night out has been most memorable for you as a DJ and producer?

I’m not a DJ for now

5. Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Linkin Park – Somewhere I belong. Incredible energy, they will never die.

Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer - DYMND

6. Dream collaboration and why?

I would love to collaborate with Always Never, they have a style that suits my style of production so much.

7. If you could play any festival, which would it be?

Currently I dedicate myself to productions, but if I had to choose one I tell you Ultra Music Festival.

8. How do you get a track started? tell us about your production process

It depends on the moments, I usually start with chords, bass and arpeggios. Other times from a vocal or doing a remix. Mostly I never go on
command, but when I feel the need.

9. Upcoming projects? What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working on new songs, remixes and new collaborations, I would like to release an EP or an album in the future. I am constantly building the “DYMND” project, with other contents, outside of the music that speak about me and what I want to convey.

10. The relationship between a DJ and the audience is crucial, and yet is seems to be a fragile one – how do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

I think we need to find the right balance between giving something new and what is already there, a second of the emotions and sensations in a live. The Performer must know how to find the right moment to be able to introduce something new.

Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer - DYMND

DYMND is the musical nickname of the 24-year-old Italian music producer. Having always had a passion for music and music production, DYMND creates fantasies in its productions with an elegant and futuristic sound. His musical career of him began in June 2019, with his first release of him, a remix of “Kills You Slowly” by The Chainsmokers. Supported by the latter, the Italian artist receives a lot of visibility thanks to the Chainsmokers and other artists.

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Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer - DYMND

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