Italian Musical Project ‘A Bit At’ Drops Brand New ‘You & Me’

Italian Musical Project ‘A Bit At’ Drops Brand New ‘You & Me’

“A bit at” is an Italian musical project, born from the idea of ​​Andrea Maffei, musician and DJ in collaboration with the voice of Fabiola Civicchioni. The duo offers  electronic music (synthesize, vocals, guitar, piano) with introspective and profound settings‘You & Me’ is the second extract from the album “Gaia” which will be released in 2021 on digital platforms and later on vinyl.

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“You & Me” is a 5 tracks EP which includes 4 original remixes all made in Italy by Beautiful Sinners (house music project lead by Manfredi Barbarossa), Vincenzo Viceversa & Steam Orkestra (Steam Orkestra is Alessandro Deledda) and Djale.

Andrea Maffei is an Italian DJ. He was Resident DJ in the 90s in the historic Red Zone club in Perugia, his passion for music was born in adolescence after studying piano, he later fell in love with the world of DJs loop and groove based electronic music.

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Fabiola Civicchioni is an Italian singer from Umbria, with an incredible vocal range. She started singing when she was 18, and after a few years with a covers band she began musical collaborations, with various producers until forming A Bit At with Andrea.

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