Exclusive Interview with Mysterious UK Outfit WH0

The masked-clad UK duo Wh0 have been causing a stir of late with a string of quality productions.

Whether they’re remixing for Sigma and The Prodigy or producing originals with Byron Stingily and Nile Rodgers, everything they touch turns to gold. One of their latest projects has been remixing the Bodyrox 2006 anthem ‘Yeah Yeah’ on Altra Moda Music. But how do they approach reworking such a classic record? And will they ever step from behind the masks? We found out in this exclusive interview…

Your identities are a mystery, but can you tell us where you met and how you came to work together?

We met at a Data Transmission event in Brighton 3/4 years ago. We got chatting more and more over the following months, which led to studio sessions and then from that, our first batch of Wh0 music was born. This included our first signing ‘Le Chant’ to Toolroom Trax.

Do you think you’ll always remain mask-clad or will be there be a time when you step from behind the curtain?

The whole idea behind Wh0 is the music speaks first. The masks are there for exactly that reason. We have no intentions of ever ditching them.

You’ve nailed the art of remixing with your most recent being ‘Yeah Yeah’ by Bodyrox. How do you approach reworking such a classic?

Go into the remix with an open mind, clean working palette and a small playlist of tracks to work from for inspiration. Try and not do the obvious. For example, with this remix, we didn’t want to use the famous synth from the original. Don’t be afraid to be different.

From thumping remixes to your disco house track ‘Happy People’ with the legendary Byron Stingily. What was he like to work with?

Byron is a legend without question. He’s fantastic to work with and his recording style is very old school and raw, which automatically gives his vocals an aged feeling, and damn, they age well! We have been working with him recently again, but that’s all we can say for now!

As a duo, what roles do you both take in the studio or does it vary on each release?

We have fairly rigid set roles between us. They definitely overlap, but in general we do keep to our roles, hence the vast amount of music we’ve release (as well as running two record labels!). The roles vary from mixing and mastering, starting remixes, e-mails to set planning, etc.

We read that you were invited by Nile Rodgers along with Josh Barry to Abbey Road Studios to “lend your talents to a special release”. The result was ‘Better Days’ on Wh0 Plays and Thrive. Would you agree that being called upon by Nile Rodger is a benchmark of your success?

Yes, this was a crazy moment for us! Spending the day with Nile whilst being at the legendary Abbey Road Studios was one we’ll never forget. It was for sure a very special moment, sitting and watching Nile jam out for 30 minutes over our track…bonkers!

Exclusive Interview with Mysterious UK Outfit WH0

The video for ‘Better Days’ shows behind the scenes footage during the recording. Do you keep your masks on when collaborating or was that just for the purpose of the video??

We had the masks on purely for the video, we didn’t want to have to make Nile talk to us with them on all day, haha!

Who would you like to collaborate with next?

We have just locked in a collaboration with Idris Elba and another recently with Laidback Luke, but on our list of people we’d love to work with is: Vintage Culture, Marshall Jefferson, Oliver Heldens and Basement Jaxx.

What does a Wh0 DJ set sound like? 

Time-lasting house music. Our sets are high energy and are put together with the aim that if you came back in 10 years’ time, you wouldn’t feel like the track selection felt old. I think timeless house is a great way of putting it.

Do you have any gigs lined up? If so, where?

YES! Egg London on July the 3rd!

What’s coming up next on your label, Wh0 Plays Records?

We have got lots of great music coming on both our labels (Wh0 Plays & Wh0 Worx). Next up are the remixes of our single Out Of Time Ft. Clementine Douglas. The remixes are from MistaJam, StoneBridge and Bad Intentions, and they are all absolutely CRAZY!

It’s difficult to ask personal questions when your identities are unknown, but can you each tell us an interesting / surprising fact about yourself?

One of us toured with the Prodigy and co-wrote one of their singles.

One of us has an Audio Engineering Degree

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