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‘Tremblin’ by Maximono Gets a Remix Pack Featuring Satl, Santé & More

In celebration of ‘Tremblin’ – the first single on Maximono’s new ‘Parasoul’ imprint, Maximono follows up with the highly anticipated remix pack. With diversity igniting the concept of Maximono’s new Parasoul label, it made sense that the remixes would do just that with 4 electrifying mixes from Black V Neck, Santé, Nowheretobefound & Satl.

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All respectfully sitting high in their field of genres, there’s a flavour for every dancefloor with Black V Neck providing the house fix, Santé going in deep, Nowheretobefound taking us on an electronic journey, and DNB producer Satl rounding it out with his signature liquid touches.


Maximon – ‘Tremblin’ (The Remixes) is out now! via Parasoul


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