SoDown x Bass Physics Release New ‘Tension’ Single Alongside Menacing Music Video

American bass music producer and saxophone player SoDown pairs up with Denver-based Bass Physics for the release of their collaborative single, “Tension.” The single fuses a well calibrated mix of dubstep with riddim influences and an air of electro-soul given the midas touch of SoDown’s sax.

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“Following up on our last collaboration “Pull the Trigger,” we wanted to create another hard hitting bass tune that encompassed both of our unique styles, including heavy bass, saxophone, guitar and hip hop,” SoDown and Bass Physics explain. “‘Tension” reflects on the current state of the world with social media, climate change, political polarization, inequality, and the impacts of the virus. To us, this tune signifies a realization of the need for change and the motivation to take action.”

The two talented producers lead with the bass stabs and fluttery 808s of a signature trap hit, but as “Tension” builds up we shift into a stomping melodic progression driven by a hard-hitting bassline. A behemoth of motorized synths and breaks are unleashed with the drop, serenaded by a spell of SoDown’s sultry saxophone and exotic strings that bring rhythmic movement to ease the ticking pressure between each build-up.

Sodown Preferred Press Photo 2020N By Cait Falc | Ufo Network

“Tension” is released alongside an animated music video on brand with SoDown’s previous single “Alive.” In the video we see the return of SoDown’s skeletal alter ego, this time accompanied by his accomplice Bass Physics in a rare postmortem disguise. The menacing duo cruise through the desert as “Tension” scores the soundtrack to their midnight drive; plumes of womping heat saturate the arid landscape around them.

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‘Tension’ is out now on SoDown’s own label, GetDown Records.

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