The Sponges Drop New Tune ‘Jerry Brain’ on Box of Cats

Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he’s got it all– James Brown

Hair… check.

Teeth… double check!

Mind-warping funk… bonus check

As soon as we hit play on this new jam our hairstyles spontaneously bloomed into glorious afros and we all of a sudden knew how to do the funky chicken. Guess that’s just the effect The Sponges have on mere mortals.

Funkier than an episode of Seinfeld, ‘Jerry Brain’ is absolutely jam packed with The Sponges’s signature cuts, synths, funky fills and cheeky samples. Energy’s at an all-time high on this one as the funky wunderkinds Nik and Ryan whip out the guitar, strutting through what has got to be the funkiest breakdown of all time.

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It’s amazing to have the duo back with the BOC fam. To be honest we here at BOC needed a break from them what with all the heat they’ve been delivering to us here at the label. We agreed to see other people for a while, but we just couldn’t stay away. It’s time to rekindle this magical relationship, and Jerry Brain might truly be what brings us back together.

About The Sponges

Based out of the sun-soaked city of Miami, the duo of Nik and Ryan, better known as The Sponges, have been bringing their blend of classic disco vibes and modern day production techniques to dancefloors all over. Having gained support from established artists and rising stars in the house scene like Justin Martin, Wongo, AC Slater and Destructo, it’s clear that their infectious sound is the perfect addition to peak party hours.

The Sponges returned to the limelight with the release of their EP Episode VI: Return of the Sponges on Box of Cats that came as a follow-up to their successful debut “Make It Juicy!” released on the Box Of Trax compilation album in 2018. Both tracks on the EP, “I Can Dance” and “Space Funk ’75”, are certifiable jams and will have you grooving right along to the beat. With official remixes for Wongo and Latroit plus an original tune “Funked Up” scheduled for release, The Sponges are gearing up for an explosive end to the year.

‘Jerry Brain’ by The Sponges is out now via Box of Cats – Download / Stream >HERE<

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