MOSKA Teams Up with Henao for ‘Paraiso’ on IN / ROTATION

MOSKA is teaming up with Henao to reprise her smash single “Paraiso” with a heavenly house reimagining on IN / ROTATION. Talent is spilling over the brim from the Houston-born, Columbian singer/songwriter Henao, who has been making waves with her silky blend of R&B and the rich rhythmic flavors stemming from her cultural background. Perhaps the perfect introduction to her project would be her recent song “Paraiso,” a Spanglish-fueled number pulling retro Latin ‘80s influences into a modern-day context. It revolves around the story of the “other” woman; a broken-hearted individual who’s caught on the bitter end of an entanglement but manages to find profound empowerment when gaining control over her destiny.

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MOSKA, one of the hottest exports from the Columbian house scene, is offering up his own interpretation on this tragic love triangle. His signature melodic movement intertwines beautifully with Henao’s heart-pumping confession, as her conflicted lyrics get swept up in the undertow of thumping drum programming, oscillating synth crescendos, solemn piano stabs, and a vibrant rhythm that acts as a resolution for the love-torn predicament she’s struggling to break free from. MOSKA manages to mask her pain to the point where you almost forget there’s trouble in paradise.

As Henao said, “There are always two sides to a story. No matter the circumstance, find the beauty within the obstacle.” This song did nothing short of impress with its provocative lyrics and was featured in Playboy Mexico, Noisey Español, Radionica, Caracol TV, and much more. And now it’s ready to make another run within the dance community.

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Hailing from Cali, Columbia, MOSKA has been on an upwards trajectory to success with a prolific output that dates back to over a decade. He’s been known to zip around the house music spectrum, covering almost all of its subgenres without ever feeling forced. His universal appeal has put him on the radar of many top-tier artists around the world, having been tapped to remix tracks from Tiësto, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, Galantis, Major Lazer, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee and more. MOSKA fresh future house take on Henao’s “Paraiso” gives the original song the justice it deserves, while showing off the former’s highly sought-after ability add new layers to a piece of music that already felt like it had maxed out its potential.

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