Min the Universe and Without A Chord Come Together to Create Genre-Bending Mayhem

Min the Universe drops another single, this time as a collaborative project with industrial synthmetal producer Without A Chord. The track, titled Instant Decays, showcases Min’s sounds in a whole new light, using his other-worldly EDM palette to bring an ethereal infusion to Without A Chord’s dark, aggressive and skull-crushing sound design and lead vocals.

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Instant Decays came to life during both artists’ involvement with the New York Topliner Camp, a leading incubator for NYC’s rising songwriters and producers. Min and Without A Chord immediately developed rapport and mutual respect as their styles and esthetics formed perfect complements. “We were gifted an opportunity, and many obstacles tested us along the way, and within an instant we needed to make something happen, and we pulled it off before the opportunity decayed out of existence. Very analogous to life…” mused Without A Chord.

This single drops mere weeks after Min’s groundbreaking release Westworld Reanimated, which received widespread press coverage and garnered Min thousands of new monthly listeners. Without A Chord has been growing his loyal fan base through prolific song releases blending sonic expressions of hope, mayhem and desolation. This new track adds to both artists’ repertoire of diverse sounds and opens them up to a broader combined audience.

Min the Universe is an emerging electronic music producer and DJ based in New York City. A citizen of the world, his music pulls sounds from house, progressive house, pop, techno and beyond to create a sensational tapestry that transcends barriers and draws listeners into new parallel universes uniquely their own.

Without A Chord was sent up from below to give final bosses a finishing blow hacking his way to the top of the electronic music scene. With a vicious blend of baroque, metal and dance music he spawns the most beautiful ballads and the most epic showdowns.


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