Your Evil Boyfriend Teams Up with JareB34R for ‘F.A.T’

F.A.T. (F*ck Another Tool), which combines aggressive hip-hop vocal with Big room main-stage energy paired with ever-moving tribal drums. Both artists were fans of hip-hop and ignorant 808s, Jared wrote the drop and the build-up, while Diego worked around it to blend the urban vibe with the big room drums.

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Dance music producer Your Evil Boyfriend blends jaded super saws with distorted pianos and big sound system drums.Born in Peru but heavily marinated by his maple syrup passport, he started his musical journey while being stuck in the silver mines of the Sonora Desert. His first label release with Brunetti “Back To The Start” charted top 47 in Dance charts on Beatport, and it has achieved over 25,000 streams. “I didn’t come up with my artist name, a girl gave it to me. I’ve come to embrace the good in my dark side so that’s translated in my music. ”

Inspired by the likes of Hardwell, Steven Vegas, Henry Fong, and similar artists who helped influence the Orlando nightlife scene, JareB34R’s work is made to give you that euphoric experience on festival grounds. A master at building tension, his drops crash off the Richter-scale with a force that explodes out of the speakers like a galactic adventure. Though not afraid to experiment, he often adds a flair of his own by mixing in elements of moombahton, trap, and hip hop you can hear most in his breakdown twists. His tune “Low”, for example, starts with swinging basslines building into glitched percussions and a tease of the melody before twisting into a deep trap vibe, an immense build of tension, and a drop with tough beat sequences and powerful melodic textures. With his resilient nature and competitive mindset, he has worked his way from initial creative spark to performing at legendary venues and events like Pacha NYC and Miami WMC and MMW. Also charting originals in Beatport’s Top 10, Top 20, and Top 100 Big Room release charts.

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Your Evil Boyfriend & JareB34R – ‘F.A.T’ is OUT NOW!


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