Mariatti Drops 2x Track EP Proxima b/ Kepler 62f

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‘Proxima b/ Kepler 62f’ is the result of a deep reflection about life in space.The isolation gives the chance to look ourselves inside and, perhaps, see things differently. The resulting introspection makes our experience almost identical to the astronauts’ one. Let’s think about a man who embarked on a journey in a hostile, apparently empty but full of lethal singularities environment. This condition could appear very far from our earthly perception. But the path offers continuous chances of confrontation with that lack of certainties characterizing the man we left out there, in a deep void, running out of oxygen. Music and its energy are the key to face times like these. The release name express something deep and comforting, a hope that rips the void, almost like the discovery of a new exoplanet, after a long and uncertain journey.



Mariatti appeared on the big scene for the first time thanks to deadmau5, announcing on BBC Radio 1: “It’s a little weird, a little different but we like it”. There are several rumors about his birthplace. Some claim he is Italian. Some say he is French. Probably he was born in 1994, but still these information are uncertain.

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A thing you can be sure of is the unique bounce behind every song: as soon as you hit play, you’ll notice that electronic voltage blowing up your speakers. One meaningful story about Mariatti dates back to high school times: he had to repeat two years because he couldn’t stop making music everyday. Another dilemma about this musicomaniac concerns his sound engineering skills… in 2016 he was seen lurking around Sae Institute in Milan. Considering such a strong tendency, we can assume this is not the only alias he’s been working on during these years. The research still goes on…


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