Thousand Fingers Combines House & Electro Vibes on Taking Love EP

Thousand Fingers is an electronic artist from London, United Kingdom. Originally from Turkey, the masters-educated producer takes the artform approach with his works – possessing a versatile and boundless sonic palate. Often considered as a storyteller through his productions, Thousand Fingers’ creativity can be piqued in a variety of different ways – with inspiration for his tracks coming via all manner of different sensory responses.



In Taking Love EP, first track ‘Taking Love’ combines House and Electro vibes, emulating those heavy warehouse raves in sleek style. Track 2, ‘Jolly Night’ is a club-crawling session, introducing Acid House with an Electro feel and being carried out with a drum loop that is reminding Amen break. The new EP shows uniqueness in its own style, removing the entire lazy mood out of the room and elevating it with positive energy.

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