NIK:11 & VODZILLA Introduce the Sounds of SE7EN & Exclusive Interview

NIK:11 & VODZILLA introduces the sounds of SE7EN, the new track released by Underground Angel Music. The song SE7EN is energetic with heavy beats surrounded by seductive dark vocals. This EDM HardStyle track release represents the evil and darkness of the world, humanity and the feeling of isolation and loneliness. The song SE7EN is energized by heavy beats, surrounded with seductive dark vocals.

NIK:11 has been hitting us hard on the Dance Charts in 2020. EDM Producer, Songwriter, Artist and DJ NIK:11 has been coming on strong reaching new heights as her new track “KICKBACK” hit the Billboard Dance Chart in January, 2020. The “KICKBACK” mixes climbed up the Billboard Dance Chart to Top 20 and stayed on the Dance Chart for 11 weeks, holding titles such as Top 5 “Breakout Artist” and Top 20 “Power Pick” in 2020.

In May 2020, NIK:11 climbed to the Top 10 on the Music Week Dance Chart in the United Kingdom and held titles such as “Greatest Gainer“, climbing from Top 50 to Top 10 in just one week. In October 2020, NIK:11 hit the top of the charts once again, hitting No. 2 after staying on the Dance Charts in France for weeks.

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Hi NIK11 congrats on the new release SE7EN, tell us how this single came about?

I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness and anger with what the world is going through during this pandemic. The people of the world are still very concerned about why and how this pandemic was created and how this virus got so out of control throughout the world. I needed to create and release a track that was aggressive and evil, a track that represents death and controlled government.

How have you aDJusted and balanced your musical career during lockdown?

Lockdown hasn’t been hard for me because I’m a workaholic, I love time to myself so I can create and be myself. The hardest part is all the nightclubs and festivals closing down, I love and miss the energy of the EDM events that usually happen each year throughout the world.

Any interesting tours or shows on the horizon?

No interesting shows or events will be taking place anytime soon. Hopefully, in the Spring of 2021 things will be back to normal.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I create and release all types of music from Hard Techno to EDM Dance tracks. I love collaborating with different producers. I enjoy having others give their creative input from arrangements to vocal styles. My favorite producer to work with so far is VODZILLA, he’s from the United Kingdom and he’s a very talented producer. We work great together, we won the HMMA award for Best EDM track with our first song release TOUC11 in 2019. I’m currently working on a great Dance track with Grammy Award winner Chico Bennett, who has worked with everyone from Madonna to Britney Spears. I’m also working with Detroit rapper Haze SaHeed and producer Nick Paton, who are both amazing artists. I’m very grateful to collaborate with such creative talent.

What is your creative process like? 

I start with a phat, dirty bass line, that usually gets my blood pumping. I like to create edgy electronic beats and bass lines that jump through the soul each time you hear it. I play around till something really inspires me to write the first lyric for the track in progress.

What is your favourite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform is called 6AM, I have a bunch of dancers that perform on stage with me. The costumes are amazing and the performance with the dancers is something you have to see to believe. AMAZING!

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I ever received was from a famous recording artist named George Clinton. George told me that I can create and release the best music in the world but if I don’t know how to entertain an audience, I have nothing. The act, proformance, branding and the show are all equally important as the music that’s created and released.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I create to reach fans, to make them feel alive and happy. I want to make people dance, sing and be themselves in a world of disappointment and evil.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Most Independent artists struggle with marketing and promotion because of their limited budget. If I could change anything within the music industry, it would be the business side. I would like to create equal opportunity for all creative artists to release and promote their work equally. The major labels win every time because they have all the money in the world to promote and market their artists, reaching millions of potential fans all over the world.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

I sing my heart out in the shower because I love hearing the slight delay or compression when hitting those high notes. I enjoy belting out some old school Brittany Spears or Lady GaGa.


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