DVRK (NightShade)Teams up with Helzak and Bertrand Poncet for ‘Unbreakable’

This is what is happening in the brand new collab song “Unbreakable” by DVRK (NightShade), Helzak and Bertrand Poncet (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!). A huge wave of positivity and brotherhood, delivered by three amazing french dudes.

Listen to ‘Unbreakable’ on Spotify!


Founder of the french metal band NightShade, and originally from Brest (FR), DVRK is now living in Tokyo (JP), having already toured almost the whole world (Europe, USA, China, Japan…), got his records to hit top 10 charts and featured in many video games.

With his new project, he’s uniting his metal universe with his EDM and hiphop influences, to deliver some outstanding tracks, which are both melodic and brutal.

Collaborating with artists such as Bert from Chunk, No Captain Chunk (FR), Anxxiety (USA), Helzak (FR), Peled (Israel) and many more, already gaining a place in the EDM industry, he got the chance to play at the biggest Japanese club “AgeHa”, getting his song “THE PLUCK” signed on Proximity and getting exposure from media outlets such as Wide Future aswell as getting endorsed by Rockstar Energy Drink, Creve Clothing, Killstar Clothing… DVRK is showing the world that his future is bright, so you should all be on the lookout… You’ve been warned!

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