‘Nomade’ Stages Spectacular Club Event Post Lockdown

Following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions in Norway on 7th May, new event brand ‘Nomade’ emerged to stage its first public event in spectacular fashion.

Held on 9th May at the top of the majestic Ulriken – the highest of the Seven Mountains overlooking Bergen on the West Coast of Norway – a total of 50 superfans, crew and performers gathered to experience a new format of clubbing: one that would adhere to social distancing and maximum capacity rules as set out by the Norwegian government.

Set to the backdrop of a breath taking landscape, the event was a collaboration between event media company, GV Entertainment, and veteran DJ and producer, Simon Field, who made history as the first DJ to play from the top of Ulriken in an hour long set. Stunning video footage of the experience was captured via 10 cameras, drones, and paragliders with Go Pros, and was later screened by national TV station, NRK1 on 17th May in celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Exclusive Simon Field interview discussing the launch of new event brand, Nomade, and its debut socially distanced event on 9th May.

Norwegian artist Simon Field has been making electronic pop music for various artists for over two decades. His tracks have featured in everything from the Academy Award-nominated film ‘Passenger’, American TV series ‘Californication’, and most recently, his track ‘Shake The Tree’ (released on Perfect Havoc) was featured in the Netflix series ‘Elite’. Simon is also responsible for the ‘Ibiza Deep House’ playlist on Spotify, the longest running collection of Ibiza-focused music on the platform with over 320,000 followers.

This was the first instalment for the collaborative Nomade project. It aims to take guests on a journey through spectacular landscapes and tailored DJ soundtracks, inspired by each location, that would normally be associated with the sounds of dark clubs in Berlin or a sunset in Ibiza. Through the creation of digital media content, Nomade aims to make nature accessible to everyone in new and exciting ways.

Commenting on future event plans, Simon said: “We have several locations in mind both here and outside the country when things open up. I will definitely do more mountains but one of my favorite for the spring is on a glacier which is something very few will be able to experience in person.”

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(NOMADE – Sunset at midnight Mount Ulriken, Bergen)

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