Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan Join Forces for ‘Anything’

Where two styles seamlessly collide, “Anything” is textured and layered with a four-on-the-floor beat and a feminine prowess courtesy of Alison Wonderland’s captivating vocal work. Expected to send a shotgun blast into the EDM atmosphere, “Anything” is out on Diplo’s heavyweight record label Mad Decent- watch this space.

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Although their respective styles were raised by the influence of different cultures, the shared synchronicity between Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan is palpable. While Alison Wonderland was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and Valentino Khan found his footing in Los Angeles, the power of electronic music was a conduit to their creative relationship and impending single. With a career that spans over the course of a decade, Alison Wonderland has forever changed the landscape of dance music. The electro-pop starlet manipulates fragments of heavy-hitting electronica, intergalactic synths, and her own crystalline vocal work to define the fabric of her signature sound. Fresh off the release of her lyrically profound and markedly futuristic single “Bad Things,” this forthcoming collaboration is a riveting follow-up. Despite a string of tumultuous months for the music industry, Valentino Khan has had an explosive and exciting year. At the heels of an official remix for DJ Snake and his French-inspired EP French Fried, Valentino Khan takes his final strides into the new year alongside Alison Wonderland for the release of “Anything.” A luminous triumph, “Anything” is a marriage between dance-floor ready house music and electronic pop.

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Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan – ‘Anything’ is OUT NOW! via Mad Decent


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