Tube & Berger Remix Premiere Of Simon Field ‘Sirens’ + Exclusive Interview With The Producer Himself

Norwegian hitmaker Simon Field has been sitting on a huge record this year – the multiple million stream-amassing Sirens’. It’s just been given a rework by Kittball label bosses Tube & Berger and we’re thrilled to say it’s landed today on Perfect Havoc. After being top of his wish-list of remixers, Field for one is very happy with the results.

We caught up with Field to talk about the latest release, the event series Nomade he launched back in May to mark Norway coming out of lockdown at the top of the majestic Mount Ulriken in Bergen, how to create a successful Spotify playlist, and his love of all things cats and robots…

Hi Simon! Thanks for joining us. How are you finding music life currently – given the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in?

Happy to be here. Music to me is human interaction both in the studio and writing sessions but also playing live, of course, and seeing real people reacting to music. The first few months were particularly hard, and I was totally unproductive despite loads of spare time. Things are getting into more order now with live streams, recorded DJ sets and more writing and production but I am still not happy interacting with people on a screen.

Your last track on Perfect Havoc ‘Sirens’ has a forthcoming remix from the legendary Tube & Berger. How do you think it turned it out? Were you consulted in the creation of the remix or was the finished result a complete surprise?

I have always thought of Sirens to be a tech house track. The first version is definitely more a radio friendly take on the song while I really wanted to release a harder techier version at one point. When we discussed remixes, Tube & Berger was on the top of my wish-list, so I was over the moon when we asked them, and we got a yes! I am super thrilled with the result. The way they have treaded the vocals to the thundering bass line is absolutely amazing. Actually, the original full length is worth a listen. Their remix is a journey through a dark and wonderful clubland. So, in an absurd way, it’s a gift to all clubbers – just close your eyes and this one will take you on a 6 minutes musical trip!

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We hear you have an exciting collaboration coming up with two other Perfect Havoc regulars, Kokiri and Hayley May, who featured on Joel Corry’s huge chart-topping record ‘Sorry’. Tell us a little bit about the release and what kind of record to expect?

Both Kokiri and I have a great love for piano house, so when we met for a session earlier this year, along with Hayley, the scene was set and we jumped straight into the writing over a piano hook that had Kokiri brought into the session. You can expect a classic house record sprinkled with an M1 Piano hook and Hayley´s amazing voice over it. And of course, the track is super catchy!

You staged one of the first events to mark Norway coming out of lockdown back in May under your new event banner, Nomade. Tell us a bit about the ethos behind Nomade and what challenges you faced throwing a socially distanced event on the top of Mount Ulriken.

In times when international travel and all the gigs got cancelled, I wanted to find a way to reach out to fans and at same time give them an experience they otherwise could not have had. Nomade is about constant traveling, seeing new places. The solution was right on my doorstep. We have the most amazing nature in our country and sunsets that are as spectacular as from the beach outside Café Mambo. Musically, Nomade is also about traveling – traveling in music. In house music that is. Visually, it’s also a challenge to catch the grandness of things, so my partner on Nomade, GV-Entertainment used their entire crew including drones and multiple cameras; it was a massive production. Also consider that everything was covered in snow in the morning when we got up there.

Doing gigs outdoor is of course less challenging in terms of social distancing with tons of space. Also when the venue is close to 1000 meters above sea level, the steep walk to get to it certainly limits the number of people who will actually show up.

I think we have created a concept that is both unique and accessible. Over 250,000 YouTube views definitely show that there is some interest for it around the world, so we are very likely to do more Nomade in Norway and around the world.

Check out Simon Field – Nomade DJ set on Youtube

When is the next event and what location have you picked?

We have several locations in mind both here and outside the country when things open up. I will definitely do more mountains but one of my favorite for the spring is on a glacier which is something very few will be able to experience in person.

Your Ibiza 2020 playlist is one of the most followed collections of deep house music on Spotify. What tips can you offer to building a successful Spotify playlist?

It seems that the playlist-market is getting saturated and people start to look for more niche playlists. Perfect Havoc´s Piano House is a good example. Find a mood or sub-genre you have a passion for and listen to your own taste or if you are an artist, something that will complement your own releases. Think of it like an old school record-shelf that you control. Other key ingredients are patience and consistency. It might take at least a year before you get steady solid follower base.

Check out Simon’s Ibiza 2020 Spotify playlist

Away from music, do you have any surprising hobbies or interests?

I used to own two cats but with my son being asthmatic, the cats had to go. So, whenever I can spend time with animals and cats in particular, I do. Another even less know facts is that I collect vintage toy robots. It’s a perfect hobby when traveling ‘cause these things are so small and come in endless variants. So 2 Insta accounts that would describe me are Cats On Synthesizers In Space and Go Red Robot.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t in music full-time?

I would do something creative that’s for sure. Being creative and creating things that were not there before is one of my joys in life. In fact, it could be a totally separate business. Or I would run a cat shelter. Easy.

Give us your three favourite artists of any genre to listen to right now?

Simmy “Emahkay”. I am literately in love with this song. It’s got everything I love – a steady organic beat, simplicity and an amazing vocal. I also love the way they are referencing a massive dance classic in the backing vocals. Go listen and you´ll hear.

Shait T “Where The Heart Is” has been a favorite these last 6 months. Beautiful mix of vocals, percussion and a very present warm and steady beat.

Over the last few days, Franky Rizardo´s latest release also captured my heart. “Dusty Morning” totally captures the mellow side of clubland. Deep beats and loads of patience. Amazing job. And finally, I could sleep, eat, drink or party to ANY Tube & Berger track including “Imprint Of Pleasure” – I think it was the first time I heard them. That track in particular draws me into so many great DJ gigs where that track has been with me.

What’s your dream B2B and what festival/club stage would it be on?

With Tube & Berger on a stage at Burning Man, with CamelPhat at Printworks, with Carl Cox or Solomun at Hi IBIZA, and with Black Coffee… anywhere.

Lastly, tell us about anything you are really looking forward to in the next few months?

Oh, this gonna be Captain Obvious, but for clubs to open again! Or at least that they announce a vaccine. I can’t wait to go out and play all my latest and upcoming releases and see people reacting to them.

The Tube & Berger Remix of Simon Field “Sirens” is out now via Perfect Havoc. Stream/ buy across all platforms >HERE<

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