SGT Slick Hammers Home Another Hit on Vicious Recordings

Navigating these testing times, and Australia’s homegrown production talent SGT Slick rolls forward with another instant anthem.

Widely known for a string of heavyweight releases that always land on prime time radio and top of the charts, here Slick delivers an almighty follow up to epic ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’. With the world undergoing such a pivotal change, it’s super refreshing to see a legion of resilient producers and labels step up to the plate and offer a positive and uplifting outlet for clubbers and radio listeners worldwide.

Firmly shaking off the shackles of lockdowns and confinement, here we have an unapologetic Disco inspired song that encourages you to stand up loud and proud and sing to your hearts content. Complete with poignant strings and abundant energy, this one has crossover, commercial flavoured coolness written all over it.

“RE-WORKED DISCO PLASMA” Nicole Moudaber (Worldbeats, MOOD)

The Night The Lights Went Out

Reflecting back on Sgt Slick impact over the years, we delved a little deeper into his history. Starting out as House music DJ and electronic music producer, SGT Slick has become known under a mix of aliases including Andy J or L’TRIC (with Ivan Gough) and associated monikers Firefox, Gatecrasher, New Horizon, Smash n Grab, Sunshine X-Press, XLR (all with Darren Glen), Blackout (with Andy Van Dorsselaer, Darren Glen and John Course).

Best known for his ARIA Music Award winning 1998 single “White Treble, Black Bass”. Sgt Slick’s career as a producer opened doors for shows across Australia and Asia and a 7-year relocation to the USA.  In May 1998, Sgt Slick released his debut single “White Treble, Black Bass”, which peaked at No. 69 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, topping club charts in both Australia and Europe. The same year, Sgt Slick won the coveted ARIA Award for Best Dance Release.

Following a steady stream of releases and mixed success over the years, in February 2020, Sgt Slick released his cover of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” noting it as his favourite ABBA song. He said “I threw some extra drums in to bring it up to date a little bit, threw in some filtering to make it sound a little more modern and have a bit more punch.”

Sgt Slick highlighted the merits “It’s timeless disco. I didn’t want to make it too modern, not a house record with a drum beat, I wanted to choose sounds that accentuated what was already there and just made it a little more dynamic and low end, and something DJs can play next to new music but that doesn’t necessarily sound like new music.”

Lifting the airwaves with his trademark sound, we are witnessing SGT Slick back to the forefront dominating the charts once again. This time without clubs present to showcase and fuel the longevity of the track, we are seeing the musical merits stand up, with people instantly incited to dance the moment this record is dropped.

Returning with this killer cut was a wise move by SGT Slick and Australian label Vicious Recordings and circulating across iTunes, Spotify and Digital Download Charts in prime position. Throw into the fold a hefty mix of DJs, press and radio and we are already witnessing the culmination of his success accrued over many years. For those in the know, this is big, very BIG.


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