W&W Reconnect Fans to the Dancefloor with Sexy ‘Rave Love’

W&W Reconnect Fans to the Dancefloor with 'Rave Love'

While countless other artists are attempting to get through these trying times by producing less dance-floor-oriented music, W&W are racing in the exact opposite direction.

Determined to keep the party vibe alive, the world-renowned Dutch duo has come up trumps with ‘Rave Love’, a thumping, devastatingly powerful rave track featuring AXMO and SONJA.

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A sonic thrill that knows no equal, W&W’s brand-new collab with ‘The Mind’ producer AXMO and vocalist SONJA has the mark of their Rave Culture label stamped all over it. With fast-paced beats, uplifting vocals and synths that tailspin into the night, ‘Rave Love’ is that record any W&W fan will fall head over heels in love with.

W&Amp;W Reconnect Fans To The Dancefloor With 'Rave Love'

In addition to releasing ‘Rave Love’ to reconnect fans to the times when they could still go wild on dance floors, W&W are going the extra mile to make a difference. In the next few weeks, they will be sending out special Rave Love packages to their fans with an important message: “Rave will never die; spread the ‘Rave Love’.”

W&W x AXMO feat. SONJA – Rave Love is OUT NOW!


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W&Amp;W Reconnect Fans To The Dancefloor With 'Rave Love'

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