Thousand Fingers & Odd One Out Drop Brand New ‘Outta Here’ EP

Hakan Ozan has set out on a road to bring a dream of his to life – delivering fresh original dance-floor oriented music to the public, through the launch of his record label Follow the Fingers.

In light of the current world pandemic we all face, this project is needed now more than ever to offer much needed escapism and to allow music lovers to get totally lost in the music. The debut release from Thousand Fingers and The Odd One Out manages to provide the respite we all crave, ‘Outta Here’ an upbeat house track with funky chords, grooving bassline, and ghetto style vocal chops proving too irresistible to dance around your bedroom imagining your very own club experience.

Not everyone’s idea of escapism is the same, and here at Follow the Fingers we aim to provide remixes to cater for the many dance music fans and not the few, recruiting Belgian heavyweight LouLou Players who are renowned for releases on his own imprint LouLou Records, Bunny Tiger, Nervous, Kittball and Suara –  remixing ‘Outta Here’, a fresh techy progressive number going deep into the groove.

Whilst people have a lot more spare time on their hands it has given many of us the chance to reflect and look back retrospectively and we’re sure you will agree the 90’s was an incredible time for dance music and this is where the inspiration for ‘Passing Time’ comes from, a house groove underpinned by its chunky bassline laced with 90’s rave inspired synth work, capped off with a soulful vocal lead – making passing time in lockdown all the more enjoyable.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to keep everyone happy and Made Crazy Records head honcho ACAY has managed to do that with his remix of ‘Passing Time’, a perfect complement to the original with dark and heavy elements flowing throughout the remix, rounding off the release in rip-roaring style!

This debut release is a statement of intent from Follow the Fingers, oozing vibrant flavour throughout with a classy douse of old school style from established and emerging talent across the house music spectrum. This truly is the beginning of a project to bring a fresh new soundtrack to the moments in our lives.

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Thousand Fingers and The Odd One Out ‘Outta Here’ EP

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