ROMBE4T Drops House Heater ‘Encore Une Piano’ with UFO Recordz & Interview

Music by ROMBE4T is a masterful work that stands on its own merit. He built an impressive career and created a body of work while capturing the mood of today’s generation and keeping things happy. Listening to his music is the best way to enter ROMBE4T’s world, a place where life is about enjoying music with friends and the experiences it brings.

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Tell us about the first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. How did you get started?

It started with one of my first remix releases called ‘Beat on my Drum’ which was released on Bonzai Records, and was produced by Yves de Ruyter. It was initiated by ID&T Music to which I was signed at that time. That kickstarted my love for house music and got me on this journey. Before this release I was playing in clubs and (illegal) raves.

Before that it all started at the age of 14 when I got a 2-track tape recorder as a birthday gift. Got me totally hooked on the science behind producing music.

Tell us about your latest project ‘Encore Une Piano’ with UFO Recordz

Encore Une Piano started out as a bit of a mocking towards all those house piano tracks that are released lately (with the Korg M-1 piano preset). But as we progressed we thought it might be fun to release this one as it has a high energy groove because of the pumping piano, vocals and bassline. A bit out of tune and in overdrive. I worked with UFO Recordz before as they released one of my tracks (called Rock to the Rhythm) and these guys at UFO really know how to support a producer and the PR a track needs. Happy to be back.

Tell us something we wouldn’t normally find out about you?

Can’t say no to my kids.

What single night out has been most memorable for you as a DJ and producer?

All nights were memorable, but the ones that remain are the early raves where I introduced many people to their first house music experience. Simple decorations and gathering behind Amsterdam Central Station to be brought to an unknown location be it in shady buildings or clubs.

Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Though one. But that would be Robin S – Show me love.

Dream collaboration and why?

So many talented producers out there that are inspiring to me. Soon a release with Gary Caos is coming, so that is one dream collaboration come true. But my original dream collaboration is with DJ Roog. Currently Roog is mentoring me to further improve my skills and techniques.

If you could play any festival, which would it be?

Tomorrowland and Defected Festival (sorry can’t choose).

How do you get a track started? tell us about your production process

That differs from project to project. But I usually start with a repetitive bassline and groove. From that point I build up the chords and sound it needs. I finish a track from start to finish including mastering.

Latest project? What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on some disco house tracks (I like to produce Tech House and Funky House-ish music). Some of them are collabs with gifted DJ’s and producers. Got busy times ahead. Got a release on August 14 (Encore Une Piano), August 28 (Get Out with DJ Jose and San Sebastian) and September 4 (Disco Fever with Gary Caos).

The relationship between a DJ and the audience is crucial, and yet is seems to be a fragile one – how do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?
What I learned from DJ’ing is that you always have to interact with the crowd and keep people dancing happy on the floor. So to my experience it is a mix of old and new music and it also depends on the age of the crowd. My favorite genres are Disco House and Jackin House interspersed with a bit of tech house music.

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ROMBE4T – ‘Encore Une Piano’ is OUT NOW! via UFO Recordz

ROMBE4T - Encore Une Piano

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