Ben Gold to Host New ‘AMPLIFIED’ Show – Watch It First!

Ben Gold today announced his new music series which will stream live from the AMPLIFIED record shop. Launching on September 1st at 14:00 EST, 20:00 CET, Gold dropped this exclusive 30 minute mini-mix teaser of what fans can expect from his show

Broadcasting live on Ben Gold’s Twitch channel – – every week, AMPLIFIED will showcase the latest music and hottest releases from the worlds of trance, techno and progressive, reflecting Gold’s sets out on the road which regularly traverse all three genres, plus very special guests.

“After the summer, I had a series of AMPLIFIED shows in Europe and North America, I was really looking forward to playing them. Open-to-Close sets is what I enjoy playing the most, We were really close to completing the branding and creating the assets and content we needed for the show, it was really looking awesome! And then of course the pandemic hit. I was streaming DJ sets live from my living room and I started to think how the AMPLIFIED concept would work online. Most of my 2020 has been a time of reflection; I started my career working in London at a record shop. I would hear all the white labels as they came in, talking to bedroom and famous DJs, I was literally on the front line of electronic dance music. And that is what AMPLIFIED sounds like.– Ben Gold

Ben Gold to Host New 'AMPLIFIED' Show - Watch It First!

Preempting the first stream on September 1st will be a mammoth six hour, Open-To-Close-style set live from The Warehouse. Kicking off from 10:00 EST, 16:00 CET on August Bank Holiday (August 29th), Gold promises to deliver electronic perfection from start to finish. Unveiling a quick sneak peak of what The Warehouse environment will look like, the 15-second clip also features an as-yet-unknown ID of new music from Gold:

Tune in live to AMPLIFIED this Bank Holiday for Gold’s six-hour special, then every Tuesday from 8pm Amsterdam, 2pm New York at To find out more about AMPLIFIED, including the AMPLIFIED range of merch featuring official t-shirts, sweaters, snapback caps and more, visit


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