Drum & Bass Star MUZZ Announces Debut Album ‘The Promised Land’ via Monstercat

UK producer MUZZ continues to push the limits of drum & bass with the announcement of his long-awaited debut album The Promised Land available to pre-save now.

More details about the album will follow in the coming weeks, but in the meantime he’s teasing us with one of the glorious singles, ‘Star Glide’. This monstrous track gives a taste of what’s to come: high production aesthetic, powerful vocals and songwriting, and intense energy.

Listen to ‘Star Glide’ on Spotify!

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Cammie Robinson takes on vocal duties, who also featured earlier this year on MUZZ’s ‘Higher Ground’ collab with Delta Heavy, and on other monsters from the likes of Flux PavillionDJ Phantasy and ORION.

“I’d describe ‘Star Glide’ as really a full-bodied snapshot of the MUZZ sound – melodic but also heavy, mysterious, hard rock and even pop inspired” says the man himself. “My favourite part is the finale, it just goes absolutely brutal and Cammie’s vocal takes no prisoners.”

The cinematic intro recalls Hollywood sound design at its finest before we launch into Robinson’s glorious vocals. The energy builds through snarling synths, lush strings, meaty drums and raw guitar riffage, exploding into a classic soaring MUZZ rolling groove. The scintillating lead synth melody cuts through beautifully, contrasting perfectly against the rockier elements. Flecks of acoustic guitar poke through, as well as soft piano chords in the main breakdown, to provide delicate counterpoints to the hard-edged backbone of the track. And just when you thought it wasn’t possible, things get more epic still, with a half-time drop and even wilder guitar riffage. Sirens signal a warning to the dancefloor as the track reaches its crescendo.

Keep your eyes peeled for the big album announcement — and pre-save it now before getting stuck into this huge new anthem.

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