VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen Team Up For ‘Brother Louie’ ft. Leony

Revamping an `80s classic, VIZE, Imanbek & Modern Talking’s very own Dieter Bohlen put a nuanced spin on Modern Talking’s 1986 release “Brother Louie.” Featuring Leony on vocals, “Brother Louie” is available for streaming and purchase now via Ultra Records.

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Timeless lyrics echoing “You’re no good, can’t you see, Brother Louie, Louie, Louie” make way from the original into VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen’s new take. A four-on-the-floor, versatile feat, the 2020 take on “Brother Louie” is suited for new and old fans alike. VIZE and Imanbek flex their house production prowess through sweltering beats and impressive synth work. Leony’s sultry vocals add full-bodied flare to the already burgeoning track, making the bustling backsound ripe with singalong power.

About Imanbek

Bridging the gap between 80’s forward sound and 2020’s danceable style, VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen create a harmonious reimagination poignantly laced with Leony’s vocals A whirlwind of a collaboration featuring dance music’s hottest acts, as well as legacy artist Dieter Bohlen, “Brother Louie” serves as a sonic treat for modern times. Accumulating 32m streams since release, the follow-up to “Never Let Me Down,” seems prominent as VIZE continues to steamroll the industry.

Joining VIZE in the studio for Brother Louie is none other than Russian star DJ and producer Imanbek, fresh from his spectacular success with his remix of SAINt JHN’s “Roses,” which hit the number one spot in numerous Spotify international charts. It is the most searched for song on Shazam worldwide.

Vocals come courtesy of singer & songwriter Leony, who graced Sam Feldt’s single “Far Away From Home,” as well as previous VIZE productions.

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VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen – ‘Brother Louie’ ft. Leony is OUT NOW! via Ultra Music



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