Maxim Lany Breaks The Silence with ‘Disruption’

The summer season is in full swing, but the global pandemic made it so that we’ve got nothing to show for it. Fortunately, that’s a void Maxim Lany is happy to fill.

With his new release on Armada Electronic Elements called ‘Disruption’, the Belgian tastemaker offers fans exactly what they have been craving throughout these lockdown months: a slice of Melodic Techno able to blow the roof off of any (virtual) club.

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A surefire way to get the crowd roaring despite the lack of parties, Maxim Lany’s ‘Disruption’ takes the attitude of debut record ‘Renaissance’ and repurposes it to forcefully break the silence. Built on a foundation of evolving synths, filter work and dark moods, this cut is without a doubt the best way to keep the club vibe alive.

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Maxim Lany:Disruption’ was born out of a longing for the summer season. I started working on it after a long studio session near the end of last year when the weather was all cold and wintery, and wanted to end the day doing something fun. So I had this big melody and started creating an ambiance and groove around it on the spot. That spontaneity, that drive to do something for fun alone, charged this record and helped me turn it into a track I’m really proud of.”

Maxim Lany is a well-known figure and household name in the Belgian electronic music scene. After sharing the decks with the likes of John Digweed, Sasha, Jamie Jones, Lee Burridge, Adriatique, Kölsch, Bedouin and many others, and releasing tracks on some of the scene’s most esteemed labels, his Armada Electronic Elements label debut called ‘Renaissance’ brought him to higher levels and unique spots on Rave Rebels, Tomorrowland and Extrema Outdoor. He has built a strong reputation through his internationally acclaimed, atmospheric signature sound and now continues to cement his status with another impervious record in the form of ‘Disruption’.

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