B-Fix is Back to Bring Forth his New Single ‘You & Me’

B-Fix is Back to Bring Forth his New Single ‘You & Me’

Off the back of his ‘Show Me Love’ release, B-Fix is back to bring forth his new single ‘You & Me’. Jumping ship from house to future bass, ‘You & Me’ is B-Fix‘s first record label release on Rivaside Records which features emotive vocals and hard hitting drops that makes you tingle. ‘You & Me’ is produced and written by B-Fix which is about, reflection and imagining what life would be like if things had gone differently with your ex. You & Me starts slow with a rhythmic guitar pluck before picking up with a soft female vocal topline before dropping into a hard hitting synth based Illenium inspired drop.

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B-Fix is a Australian dance music producer and songwriter who is unbound by the laws of only producing one particular sound. Coming from a punk rock background and being introduced to dance music during the height of the EDM boom. B-Fix pushes himself to create tracks which inspire and captures the emotions of listeners while ensuring his music makes people want to dance. B-Fix is currently producing many sounds in different genres from house to future bass. This makes B-Fix a multi genre producer opting to keep his music fresh and unique.

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B-Fix – ‘You & Me’ is OUT NOW! via Rivaside Records


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