XYOUX & HD-4884 Collaborate on Dark Atmospheric ‘RAPTURE’

RAPTURE: the creative concept came through the cosmic collaboration between HD-4884 & XYOUX, envisioning an dark atmospheric, dystopian wasteland, illustrating a question of haunting uncertainty, fear, and what if (Where do we go?) is what inspires this unsung storytelling composition

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The intro begins with carefully placed guitars, and soundscapes conditioning the audience to create their own personalized scenery of their own dystopian wasteland in one’s mind. The melodic abstracts and guitars set the foundation of the introduction, top lined with cinematic percussive build ups, heavy braams, influenced strings, and a distorted downsample filtered bass line, before entering the sonic aggressive drop that leaves listeners in a 16 bar storm of beautiful chaos.

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The over saturated metallic distorted bass lines and Intricately beautifully sound designed fills, create the driving forces of the track’s drop. Giving the over compressed audio from the bass a tastefully edgy, but sub harmonic timbre twist to it, topped with a non traditional drop arrangement pallet to be included, will definitely leave any Midtempo producer the question of “how did they do that? And why?” Is what brings this collaboration of HD-4884 & XYOUX onto a new tier of forward thinking EDM mentality. Both artists seek to end to the traditional auditory experiences listeners have had before, and with the debut of Rapture

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XYOUX & HD-4884 – RAPTURE is OUT NOW! via 4884 Records

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